Definity First’s ever growing boomerang employees phenomenon!

September 6, 2016 | by Brenda Valadez

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I know of very few people who decide to move on from a certain job only to decide to come back to the same company mere months or years after. 

Boomerang employees: What brings them back again and again?

We love boomerang employees and they love us too

In my 10 years’ experience in working on recruitment and looking though resumes, I have seen many common trends and stories.  Two of the most common trends are people that stay with a company for a long time or people that jump around every 6 months.

However, very few times I have seen resumes of candidates that have become boomerang employees for their current job.  Somehow this is what is happening to people working or that worked at Definity First.

During the normal lifespan of an employee you see their entry, onboarding, development and exit process as something normal.  You learn to embrace people and to get to know them -maybe even become best friends for life- and then there may come a time where they move on and you are sad to let them go. Reasons to leave are many: either you are looking for new opportunities, are bored of current responsibilities, want to grow, desire more money, are moving out of town, etc.  There are thousands of reasons.

But what are the reasons to come back? What would move you enough to decide to come back to a company you once worked for? There really are not that many reasons.  Think about it.

Why has our boomerang employees rehiring rate increased in the last few years? One can only say that these employees had a sense of wellness in every aspect of their lives during their time in the company, but that there was a little bit of something missing.  Something that they needed to go and do or see for themselves.  Something that they realized after one or two different jobs that they already had.  The people, the challenge, the culture, the care and the fun of Definity First bring people back.  This is just my theory.

Norma Meneses, Talent Acquisition and Brenda Gladin, Human Capital

We still get surprised after one person that voluntarily left the company decides to come back.  We see that the people that showed loyalty, commitment, high quality standards of their work, and just being professional are the most beneficial and positive influence we can have.  Our stories are now becoming the stories of people celebrating their second first year anniversary, stories of “back in the day,” and stories of remembrance of the old and celebration of the new.

Our boomerang employees want to come back for us.  They come back for the challenge, the surprises of what is coming ahead, and for the feeling that they can and will be part of it.

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