Definity First supports a great robotics team in RoboCup 2016

August 23, 2016 | by Omar del Rio

In developers, Internet of Things

Around May, we received a message on our Facebook fan page from a group of students studying at Tecnologico de Monterrey. They called themselves RoBorregos, and they were asking for a sponsorship for them to be part of a series of robotics competitions at a national and international level.  

We did not hesitate to help them!  Here’s a little bit more about it!

What’s it like to sponsor a robotics team representing Mexico in an international competition?

RoBorregos is the international representative robotics team from Tecnologico de Monterrey. This community started with 17 students and two professors last year. RoBorregos’ main objective is to develop competencies through national and international tournaments that benefit RoBorregos members and national companies.  They aspire to be the best in robotics in Latin America and increase the robotics knowledge and involvement in Mexico.

In 2015 they won 2 prizes at the international level, and they were the national champions in the Rescue Maze category. This year, they were crowned national champions in the same category. Because of their perseverance and discipline at such a young age, Definity First decided to be part of their sponsor group.

It makes us so proud that Mexican students from this robotics team have courage and drive to collect such professional life experiences and participate in an interesting activity that also involves programming and development.

RoBorregos represented Mexico at RoboCup

Their first place finish in the latest competition made RoBorregos part of RoboCup 2016, an international robotics competition.  This year the RoboCup was held in Leipzig, Germany.  RoboCup brought together a total of 3500 contestants with around 1200 robots from 45 different countries.

RoBorregos’ robot participated in the Rescue Maze category.  It simulates a rescue for victims in dangerous and natural disaster situations. This robot was able to carry out rescue missions in fully autonomous mode with no human assistance. The robot was strong and smart enough to navigate through treacherous terrain with hills, uneven lands and rubble without getting stuck.

It was an exciting experience for RoBorregos, and we are really happy to help them fulfill their dreams. RoBorregos visited our offices in Mexico after doing an outstanding job in RoboCup, and they shared their experiences while getting to know our team. We are proud to be part of these students’ journey. We wish the best for RoBorregos and urge them to keep learning and doing their best! Definity First will be here to support you.