Dynamics 365 vs Salesforce, who wins?

May 12, 2015 | by Helena Hernandez

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I already wrote about why to choose Microsoft Dynamics 365, but let’s go deep into this topic and talk about what you should do if you are using another 365 software application. And, by another 365 software application I mean Salesforce.

Let’s compare CRM's

Both Dynamics 365 and Salesforce are considered industry leaders, but when it comes to completeness of vision and ability to execute,  which one comes on top?

Let’s start with the value. Salesforce has three different versions, each one with different features, capabilities and prices: Salesforce Professional, Salesforce Enterprise and Salesforce Unlimited. Salesforce Professional has a very limited functionality and costs $65/user/mo. Salesforce Enterprise is the most popular version, and maybe the only one that compares to Dynamics 365; how much is it? $125/user/mo. Salesforce Unlimited is the most expensive and most completed of the versions and it costs $300/user/mo.

Meanwhile, Dynamics 365 Online has one single version which includes everything just for $65/user/mo, yes, you read it right. Furthermore, there are no extra or hidden charges!

Salesforce versus Dynamics CRM1 in 7 people use Office, and if you are one of those Office users Dynamics 365 is the answer for you.  As a Microsoft product, Dynamics 365 has true Microsoft Outlook application. In Salesforce, Outlook is just a plugin which does not have a concept of a fluid user interface for leads, contacts and opportunities.

Furthermore, Dynamics 365 has full leverage of the Microsoft technology stack, like SharePoint for collaboration and content management, Microsoft Lync for instant messaging and SQL Server  for databases.

Last but not least, let’s talk about data, dashboards and reports. While Salesforce only allows reports to be displayed, Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows charts, lists, and even iFrames. Dynamics 365 dashboard data is 100% real time, on the other hand, Salesforce has a lag of 30 to 60 minutes. Another advantage of Dynamics 365 over Salesforce is the unlimited data refreshness which Salesforce totally lack.

So, we can absolutely say that in terms of cost-performance, completeness of vision and ability to execute, Dynamics 365 comes way on top.

After leaving I have to ask you something, are you going to switch from Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics 365? Send us a mail, and ask for a free consultation marketing@defintyfirst.com Let Definity First help you while switching to Dynamics 365.

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