Turn Customer Service into your secret weapon

Everyone has one: a tech support horror story.  Ask anyone, and they can tell you of a time when they experienced the very worst of humanity via a tech support or customer service call.  It happens more often than it should.  A customer calls in with a significant problem, calls tech support, and finds a less than excellent customer service experience.

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CRM Stats that will Blow your Mind!

We have heard and read a lot about CRM software solutions, but how can they help a business to get better, and how much does a CRM software help? Here are some amazing stats to exemplify the great benefits of using this technology. 

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4 characteristics of a successful sales team

Sales teams are unique entities that need to function and perform in fast-paced, goal-oriented environments.  Here are some best practices to up your team’s workflow and rocket toward success.

Does your sales team have these qualities?

1. Effective Time Managers

Managers of successful sales teams understand how to eliminate non-essential demands on time that do not specifically drive revenue.  Ineffective time management can lead to bogged down sales professionals that have been robbed of the fast-paced energy of sales.  No one wants a sluggish sales team.

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