4 Out-of-this-World Features of the New Microsoft Office 2016

As Microsoft rolls out its new suite, it’s time to check in. Here are four features that will sky rocket your business into new horizons.  

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6 things to explain what Managed Services is all about

Managing your business’ data and information can be a time-consuming job.  Why not let Definity First help?  Definity First will manage your IT infrastructure and eliminate problems before they even occur for constant smooth sailing.

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Online reporting and analytics content generation

In order to make the most out of this important duty and transform information into knowledge, turn to custom reporting and analytics solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

“Scientia potentia est.” [Knowledge is power.] - Francis Bacon

Knowing one’s business is an obvious key factor to achieving business success. Technology, when used as a business tool, has proven to be an excellent means of increasing the understanding that a business owner has over his or her company.  Information has become easier and less costly to manage.  Business owners that maintain as much information as possible, to be available instantly, will create a market advantage over their competitors.

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4 characteristics of a successful sales team

Sales teams are unique entities that need to function and perform in fast-paced, goal-oriented environments.  Here are some best practices to up your team’s workflow and rocket toward success.

Does your sales team have these qualities?

1. Effective Time Managers

Managers of successful sales teams understand how to eliminate non-essential demands on time that do not specifically drive revenue.  Ineffective time management can lead to bogged down sales professionals that have been robbed of the fast-paced energy of sales.  No one wants a sluggish sales team.

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Convenience vs. Security: Can there be a balance?

In a breakout session during The Internet of Finance: Innovation in Financial Services and Cyber Security Event, a question was posed to the audience about what was more important to them: convenience or security. People fidgeted and looked around uneasily, knowing as business and IT professionals that security should be their priority. Most people took the easy way out by answering “both” while a few hippies admitted to choosing convenience.

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Have you seen the Office 2016 features for Mac?

Since July, Microsoft Office for Mac is now available to all Office 365 subscribers. We had to wait almost five years for it to be released, but this was worth the wait. Many things improved, one of my favorites is the bright and spacious interface.

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