The digital-driven businesses era

We can’t deny that there’s a huge digital shift in our society, and it clearly is having an impact in the business world. We have become digital-driven beings, and the market has to adapt to that situation.

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Online reporting and analytics content generation

In order to make the most out of this important duty and transform information into knowledge, turn to custom reporting and analytics solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

“Scientia potentia est.” [Knowledge is power.] - Francis Bacon

Knowing one’s business is an obvious key factor to achieving business success. Technology, when used as a business tool, has proven to be an excellent means of increasing the understanding that a business owner has over his or her company.  Information has become easier and less costly to manage.  Business owners that maintain as much information as possible, to be available instantly, will create a market advantage over their competitors.

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Convenience vs. Security: Can there be a balance?

In a breakout session during The Internet of Finance: Innovation in Financial Services and Cyber Security Event, a question was posed to the audience about what was more important to them: convenience or security. People fidgeted and looked around uneasily, knowing as business and IT professionals that security should be their priority. Most people took the easy way out by answering “both” while a few hippies admitted to choosing convenience.

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