5 reasons to upgrade to Microsoft SQL Server 2014

May 5, 2015 | by Hector Martinez

In Azure, Cloud Services, SQL Server

Here are five reasons to upgrading and migrating your SQL Server 2008 and older databases before the end of extended support.

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  1. No Mainstream Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 - Mainstream support for SQL Server 2008 ended last year, you are almost on life support, do not wait for disaster and plan an upgrade now.
  1. Increase performance – Just by upgrading to SQL Server 2014 you can achieve 5x performance gains over SQL Server 2008 or more than 13x if you are upgrading from previous versions;  mission critical apps can obtain 30x transaction performance gains and accelerate queries even more (100x) if you start using in-memory columnstore.
  1. Consolidate with Windows Server – Take the opportunity to review your existing infrastructure and clean up and consolidate database workloads in fewer servers, you can also evaluate additional cost savings by evaluating virtualization either in house or in the cloud.
  1. Reduce TCO and increase availability with Microsoft Azure– Microsoft Azure can help you reduce the total cost of ownership (including: deployment, management, and maintenance) of your database applications. Microsoft Azure offers 99.99 uptime SLAs; do you know what current SLA is?
  1. Maintain compliance – SQL Server 2014 is the most secure database according to the Information Technology Industry Council (ITIC). Coupled with SQL Server built-in audit services, it can help you to protect your data and stay on top of regulatory compliance and internal security audits.Request Free Consultation for Microsoft SQL Server