4 Out-of-this-World Features of the New Microsoft Office 2016

May 31, 2016 | by Savannah Hobbs

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As Microsoft rolls out its new suite, it’s time to check in. Here are four features that will sky rocket your business into new horizons.  

Are you ready to see what MS Office can do for you?


Collaboration can be the driving force of any company… or it can be the wrench that slows the entire machine down.  With the correct tools, a business should be able to take bigger projects on in less the time.  Microsoft Office 2016 offers the opportunity to co-author reports and projects in real time.  This is the ultimate collaboration tool.  Now you can work on the same project at the same time from different locations.  Office and Powerpoint now provide Skype for Business, as well.  This helps facilitate even more the collaboration between individuals.

Improved Work Flow

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve work flow.  How can we make employees more productive?  Microsoft offers the Office 365 Planner to help organize events, schedules, and group work.  It is the new key to efficiency.  Office 365 Groups also provide helpful ways to sort and organize contacts.

Office 2016 has the best cloud technolgy

The Cloud

Microsoft 2016 is now so integrated with Cloud technology that work just became that much easier.  You can now either send documents as attachments (the traditional method) or you can use the cloud to send documents as links to saved files.  This allows large files to be sent via email.  You can also set different permission levels to each file.


“Help” just got that much more helpful.  The Tell Me feature of Office 2016 doesn’t just walk you through the steps and theory of a tool.  Now, the Tell Me feature does exactly that.  It tells you which tool to use and its function.  Other helpful support features now included are Smart lookup and an improved Recent Documents search.  Gone are the days where you spend hours trying to get your computer to work for you.

Microsoft just made life on Earth that much easier.  These new features really will launch your business into another galaxy.