Jan 22, 2020
3 min read

Advantages of Outsourcing IT and Software Services

Companies have long sought resources abroad and far away.  Companies seek such opportunities for a variety of reasons.  It's undeniable that outsourcing can save you time, manpower, and money.  

Why Nearshore Services are Better? A Case for Outsourcing to Mexico

In today's age of communication, IT outsourcing can also lend itself to an exchange of ideas to better software.  But just how far away should a company look to outsource their services and products? 

While it may seem like a good idea to say that your product comes from Qatar if your business is stationed in South Dakota, the further may not be the better in this case. 

Pros and cons of Near Shore vs. Far Shore outsourcing when it comes to IT


How do you communicate with Beijing if you are in the Central time zone in the U.S.?  The better question is when do you communicate with people in Beijing.  Far Shore outsourcing provides countless timing and collaboration issues due to extreme time zone differences. 

Outsourcing to a place nearer to your business (and in the same time zone), like Mexico, can prove to be significantly more convenient when it comes to setting up conference calls, meetings, and deadlines.


The whole idea behind outsourcing originated as a way to cut costs.  In today's age, outsourcing to far off countries can actually cost companies more. Look for cheaper, more efficient options closer to home.


This is critical with off shore teams to accomplishing anything, due to the fact that a company needs to keep in mind language barriers in addition to timezone differences. 

If your business outsources IT management to a far off country that only speaks a specific dialect of a certain language, what are the odds that you'll be able to efficiently and effectively communicate with any team member that you need to?


It's critical that offshore locations are within an easy travel day away from a company’s main offices. This aids in communication, the exchange of goods and ideas, and keeps everyone on the same page.

Can you conveniently and quickly travel to the off shore location of your IT team?  

Nearshore services represent the smart choice when it comes to proximity and ease of travel.  Teams and ideas can travel back and forth with relative ease.

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