Being fit is worth the effort

May 2, 2017 | by Brenda Valadez

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This year we officially started with a Wellness Program at Definity First, this is nost just about being fit. Though, in part, it does involve losing a few pounds, if we can.

Take your fitness to new levels with the help of our Wellness Program

Laura Camacho, Creative Designer has the goal of being fit with the runners teamIn the IT Industry it is very common to spend many, many hours sitting beihind a desk while staring at a monitor; this is a normal thing. We also know, however, that having healthy collaborators promotes a healthy environment for everyone.

Our Wellness Program creates an opportunity for the promotion of a healthier lifestyle in the workplace. How do we do this? we have implemented small changes like offering healthier snacks as fruit, yogurt, granola, low fat options!

We are also constantly obtaining disccounts for everyone collaborating at Definity First (and their families!) for gym memberships, massage services, nutritionist consultations and psycological conseling.

Healthy Wednesdays at Definity First are part of being fitPart of our events and activities include outdoor rallys, a group for runners, and our own soccer team! We like to create team challenges and contests to motivate everyone! We also offer mindfulness programs like guided meditations!

Being fit, means working constantly on you as a person, being fit means having and following up a healthy lifestyle for your body and mind.

Being fit is a challenge and not an easy thing to do. It is not something you do for a couple of weeks, it is a lifestyle and a mindset. We like to provide the tools for this to happen.