Challenges and opportunities of 2017 business digital era

January 10, 2017 | by Sergio Zuniga

In Azure, Cloud Services, Dynamics 365

Businesses are now stimulating innovation and entrepreneurism to modernize the market, but the journey to achieve these is not as easy as it looks. There are some challenges, but let’s not forget that challenges can also carry opportunities.

Leverage the business digital era benefits for 2017

Here the opportunity businesses have is to increase competitiveness and win engagement. Addressing this challenge with technology is moving to the cloud to save around 60% of storage costs, maximize sales productivity and increase result while understanding client data with a CRM software like Dynamics 365.

Stop worrying about this and use technology to drive business transformation. Tools like Dynamics 365 and Office 365 can help your company enter the digital era. You can be productive in any place at any time and from any device. Dynamics 365 reduces operative costs by 20%, generates 10% more closed deals and it could also generate 15% more profit. Office 365 makes decision making processes 9% faster and you’ll see productivity boosting by 43%.

Dynamics 365 is a great tool for the digital era

It is time to stand out from your competitors, but how to do that? Guarantee business continuity. Use Microsoft Azure as your disaster recovery site, migrate your apps to Azure and temporally move workloads to Azure when you need additional capacity. Protect your apps, store your critical data, and achieve a hybrid cloud. This can save you 30% of TCO.

Leverage all the benefits of the digital era and do more. Technology can lead you to define innovative solutions: reinvent productivity and commercial processes. Send us an email, we can help you grow and achieve your business goals for 2017.