4 characteristics of a successful sales team

November 10, 2015 | by Christina Kaney

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Sales teams are unique entities that need to function and perform in fast-paced, goal-oriented environments.  Here are some best practices to up your team’s workflow and rocket toward success.

Does your sales team have these qualities?

1. Effective Time Managers

Managers of successful sales teams understand how to eliminate non-essential demands on time that do not specifically drive revenue.  Ineffective time management can lead to bogged down sales professionals that have been robbed of the fast-paced energy of sales.  No one wants a sluggish sales team.

Members of a sales team should manage their time appropriately

2.  A Strong Focus in Collaboration

Competition can be healthy and motivating, but nothing beats collaboration when it comes to the amount of work a team can accomplish together.  No one-man-team can manage the networking of contacts, the spread of information, or the creative inspiration that a team working in collaboration can.

3. Impeccable Follow-up

Sales environments change quickly and move at the speed of sound.  Communication is therefore an essential tool for any team hoping to succeed.  Successful sales teams have the ability to assess and follow up on potentially lucrative sales leads.  They have the follow-up strategy down, and can maneuver through the list of possible leads with ease.  Successful sales managers can also check in with sales professionals and coach reps through goal setting and timely achievement.

4. Unmatched Problem-Solving Abilities

Successful sales professionals have supernatural critical thinking skills.  They are decisive and great at interacting with people.  Problems or bumps in the road do not derail the entire train for successful teams.  These professionals expect to meet challenges and handle the ones that do come with confidence in their skill set.

Doing a sales team follow-up helps in solving problems

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