Feb 12, 2021
5 min read

Cloud Business Solutions to Build Resilient and Agile Supply Chains

Covid-19 has drastically affected retailers, prompting them to adjust to the new reality of online shopping and contactless payments.

But as everyday operations changed for the retailers, their supply chain performance was also put to the test. This has forced online businesses to reconsider their supply chain to make them more resilient and agile to maintain their market position in challenging times.

To avoid disruptions in supply chains, several companies have invested in intelligent software that predicts a disruption. With this information, businesses are proactive in creating strategies to prevent disruptions or reduce their impact.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one such software that ensures resilient and agile supply chains by empowering organizations with the right technology. Combining Microsoft Power Platforms provides a personalized and seamless customer experience by streamlining the buyer’s journey.

This is how Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platforms help online retailers offer a secure shopping experience to their customers.

Centralized e-commerce platform

It can be challenging for retailers to provide a seamless customer experience across the physical and digital channels if they use different retail systems with contrasting features.

This is where Dynamics 365 Commerce offers a unified platform for B2B and B2C E-commerce so that online businesses can provide consistent purchasing options to their customers.

By integrating this with Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Service, businesses can even empower sales representatives with essential data and insights to make relevant offers to the buyers.

In-depth Information on the Customers

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights provides comprehensive information on your customers' behavioral and demographic data to enrich customer experiences and offer more personalized experiences.

It analyzes your customer’s buying behavior and purchasing decisions to accumulate data that drives your marketing efforts and make them more effective.

Moreover, it allows you to navigate your customers’ journey to monitor their preferences so that you can target them with personalized marketing messages and increase your business’s bottom line.

Prevents Fraud and Abuse

With the dramatic surge in online shopping and E-commerce stores, customers shifted to online and contactless payment methods that require them to offer their band details and credit card information. This has exposed them to fraud and account takeovers that pose a challenge for merchants and customers.

But by integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection, a cloud-based solution, you can now reduce frauds associated with stolen identities and illegal online transactions. This helps you secure your customer information and pave the way for more positive customer experiences while protecting your revenue.

Moreover, this Power Platform reduces your operation expenses, protects your customer’s accounts from abuse, and improves the acceptance rates for E-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores, both.

Builds a Flexible Supply Chain

The pandemic has revealed several supply chain vulnerabilities that pose a huge challenge for E-commerce stores and online businesses. To mitigate these issues, businesses need to get real-time visibility into each stage of their supply chain processes to manage inventory and out-of-stock items quickly and cost-effectively.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management allows you to create a flexible supply chain that caters to the changing customer demands by replenishing supply and increasing the distribution of products quickly.

Even during peak business sales, this capability allows you to streamline your warehouse and distribution operations. When combined with an intelligent order management system, you can get a complete view of your inventory so that you can manage order fulfillment and ensure prompt delivery.

In Conclusion

Dynamics 365 and other Power Platforms that include Dynamics 365 Commerce, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, and Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection offers comprehensive solutions to build a strong and agile supply chain.

These capabilities not only streamline your online business with automation and comprehensive data but also protect your bottom line and guard your customer’s sensitive information.

They are designed for both consumers and business-facing organizations seeking to reach beyond traditional digital commerce limitations and improve customer experience.

Moreover, it helps build brand awareness, streamlines purchasing processes, and delivers exceptional customer services. If you want to leverage all the platforms' power and position your E-commerce business for growth, get in touch with Definity First.