Definity First obtained 7 Great Place to Work® awards in 2016

January 17, 2017 | by Brenda Valadez

In Human Capital

A lot of people might think that extra-curricular events and celebrations are just a bonus for any company.  I have experienced things like birthdays, anniversaries, default yearly parties, etc., at almost every work place I have known.

Outdoor Rally games to a big Definity First celebration


However, at Definity First we do take events as a big deal, they are an important part of our work as the Human Capital department. This is our way of spreading and living our values and culture.

In 2016 we had the honor of obtaining 7 different awards. Yes, this was our first time applying for the Great Place to Work® certification!

  • #3 - Great Place to Work® (Mexico): IT and Telecom (less than 500 collaborators)
  • #3 - Great Place to Work® (Mexico): Millennial Generations (up to 500 collaborators)
  • #4 - Great Place to Work® (Mexico): Northeast Region (less than 1000 collaborators)
  • #7 - Great Place to Work® (Mexico): High Potential (50 to 500 collaborators)
    • Special recognition for Respect.
    • Special recognition for one of our managers: Juan Carlos Madruga for Collaboration.

It was a big surprise for us, so we decided to celebrate with an outdoor team building activity. We thought, why not some rally games? Check out this amazing video of the event!

We had the amazing opportunity of getting everyone out of their comfort zone, go out, and be immersed in the middle of an amazing place.  It was great to feel the ground, smell the air, become a kid again and play hard!

The team in one of the activities of the rally.

Celebrating with everyone in this special way, working on establishing an atmosphere where people feel positive, purposeful, and engaged, is the Definity First way. This is not just a place where people go and interact briefly with others sitting next to them at the office. Here we stress the importance of the happiness of the company as a whole, starting with individuals.

At Definity First we strongly believe that everyone is an important part of a team, and we go beyond having the typical perks. Every leader has the end goal of helping the company and have engaged and satisfied consultants. We have a deep connection to each other, and Definity First, at the end of the day, is our family. Definity First is our tribe.