Definity First obtains four more Microsoft Partner competencies.

June 10, 2015 | by Helena Hernandez

In Microsoft Partner, Competencies

Definity First recently obtained one Gold Microsoft competency: Customer Relationship Management (CRM); and three Silver Competencies: Datacenter, Data Analytics and Midmarket Solution Provider.

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Each Microsoft competency has a unique set of requirements and benefits formulated to represent the specific skills and services that Microsoft Partners bring to a business solution area.

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The criteria to qualify for competencies requires partners to go through technical exams and business assessments based on the latest Microsoft product versions, acquire certifications, provide customer references, and in the case of a gold competency, an additional Customer Satisfaction Index.

The Silver competencies prove Definity First has a consistent capability, expertise, and commitment. And the Gold competency demonstrate best-in-class capability within CRM Microsoft solution area. With these, Definity First has not only set a very high bar, they achieved it.

With the Gold CRM competency, Definity First is able to showcase all its skills to partners and customers to a wider group and differentiate their capabilities in delivering Microsoft Dynamics business management solutions. 

The Silver Data Analytics competency signifies to the market that Definity First has the required qualifications and business expertise companies need when they want to use the tremendous amount of data they have accumulated. The Silver Midmarket Solution Provider competency evidences Definity First's capability of recognizing customers' infrastructure benefits, needs, and costs. The Datacenter competency differentiates Definity First  as a Microsoft partner developing infrastructure solutions that deliver robust, scalable platforms for modern Datacenters.

Definity First now has 5 Silver and 3 Gold Microsoft Competencies. This software firm never ceases to demonstrate its best-in-class capabilities with the latest Microsoft technologies that provide insight to customers to enable better business decisions.