Definity First socially responsible with the society

January 4, 2017 | by Brenda Valadez

In Social responsibility

Education is the base in which a society stands and moves forwards onto the future. However, for high quality education to happen, schools, teachers and students must have the proper tools and skills.

Time to give back to the community and improve education

Definity First socially responsible with the society, believes in reaching out outside our doors and give back in any way possible to the people that will define the future of our society.

During this past holiday season we reached out to a school in Monterrey, Mexico - Profesora Margarita De Gortari Carbajal to help them improve their computer classroom and to provide them with tools for a more efficient school administration.

Our end goal is to help the education sector to have the basic equipment and to upgrade their computer classroom area for both their staff and elementary students. We know that learning to use technology effectively in the classroom means transforming people’s lives and creating a positive change in the world. We believe that technology is a key skill that society must have to be able to compete in an already competitive world.

With the school's director and math's teacher.

We value all classrooms, either at school or inside our doors and the role of mentors and teachers, we know we must provide a flexible learning environment that will foster growth and inspire our children and consultants to reach beyond the average and change our society and our organization.

Our commitment is to our people, our consultants and our children, come join us and share your ideas on how we can help improve our organization and our society. We know we are still far from our goal, but what really matters is to give one step at a time, and we will surely get there.