The developers’ world from a non-developer perspective

July 4, 2017 | by Helena Hernandez

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When I first started working in this software firm, Definity First, I knew very little about the environment and the market. The truth is that I was pleasantly surprised and am still finding new surprises.  Let me tell you why.

We are living in a developers’ world and I am a marketing girl

It took some time for me to completely understand this developers’ world. I mean, I'd always known companies with a very rigorous way of doing things, even in the way the people dressed. I was used to it and prepared for it somehow, but the Developers' world is different. Being immersed in this world made me realize that the most important thing in doing your job is doing it the best way possible.

Another thing I had to get used to was the language. Collaboration Portals, CRM, .NET, Visual Studio, UX, and many others are all used daily.  The list goes on and on. I didn’t know what these were at first, and as someone who writes content, I needed to really research in order to understand most of the terminology. And, you know what? It is beyond interesting! It is true, being in the software industry means that I am constantly learning every step of my journey. This also makes me appreciate all developers, their jobs, and the results they obtain with their awesome skills.

The people in the developers’ world are just amazing. They are hard-workers, fearless, unstoppable, friendly, genuine, and caring. I must confess that there were two stereotypes I used to believe to be real.

The first myth that I believed was that there were few women developers. I was surprised of how many more women are now a part of Definity First and by how they are so good at what they do. I even wrote about them few times in this blog. The second stereotype that I believed was that developers were super geeks.  I must admit that I find this to be kind of true. Don’t get me wrong, though, they are geeks in a cool way.  They are willing to share with you what they know, what they like, and why they like it (I’m now even learning some videogame music pieces in my piano lessons). You know what they say, geeks are the new rock stars, and I believe it is true!

I don’t know about the place you work at, but at Definity First we have an amazing work environment which makes us a Great Place to Work®. My friends find it unbelievable when I tell them that we have a flexible schedule, free snacks, beer in the fridge, the chance to work from home and a fun station here. Many have said to me, “I wish I worked there!” Plus, here, the company really trusts in your ideas, in your initiative, and in your capabilities; this is what I truly like the most.

If you are not a developer and you have the opportunity to join a software company, or if you would like to have a taste of the developers’ world, don’t be afraid and don’t think twice about it. You’ll find it to be a great decision! By the way, we have open positions here at Definity First!  To check them out, click here.