May 3, 2022
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Why Dynamics 365 is the Ideal tool for Mergers & Acquisitions Management?

Smaller enterprises and startups are becoming increasingly important to business leaders due to the increasing complexity of big IT. As a result, businesses in almost every industry are now evaluating mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as an essential part of their long-term growth strategy.

Besides, everyone participating in an M&A transaction will be impacted, not just the parent company. Therefore, leaders must consider and plan how their IT initiatives impact their acquired o businesses. Moreover, M&A events can result in unexpected expenses because of the complexity of integrating several systems.

It's no wonder that between 70 and 90 percent of targeted merger and acquisition agreements never reach their aim, as per the Harvard Business Review.

IT leaders and CFOs may work together to transition from traditional ERP solutions to cloud-based, predictive insights platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Challenges related to Mergers and Acquisitions


Personnel, procedures, and systems are all re-evaluated during M&A consolidations. One instrument or group of tools may not be able to provide you with a clear picture of the entire process. Preparation for an M&A includes the following:

• Market Research: screening the market, identifying and defining businesses in the target market
• Setting Priorities: deal prioritization and assignment, execution of confidentiality agreements, submission of indications of interest documents, and organization of meeting with senior managers
• Accurately recording and evaluating: creating a statement of intent, recording targets, and doing a SWOT analysis of the contract
• Attention to Detail: negotiating conditions and looking into financial records
• Negotiation: establishing the valuation, the buying price, the transaction structure, and the purchase contract

Not every enterprise is able to get through all of these tasks to approach M&A. Instead, they leave it in between without reaching the target M&A agreement.

However, instead of being paralyzed by the fear of mergers and acquisitions processes, forward-thinking firms turn to the Office 365 suite for support. Businesses of all sizes are benefiting from the harmony between their various tools.

How Does Dynamic 365 Benefits Mergers And Acquisitions?

Enter Dynamics 365, Microsoft's latest attempt at bridging the gap between desktop and mobile applications. Using Dynamics 365's traditional style, Microsoft has automated, consolidated, or minimized the number of the previously complicated procedures in the M&A process.

You can run and connect your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365, a set of sophisticated business software. Modernize your company's operations while getting more value from your data and streamlining your processes with the help of Dynamic 365.

It is the ideal platform for M&A services. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can assist you in consolidating information, increasing communication, optimizing procedures, and segmenting data to gain insights/reports. Businesses can then make informed decisions and invest their money wisely.

Hence, there's no better way to gather, analyze, and implement the tasks of crunching figures and analytics and disseminating mission-critical data while also creating the foundation for a new united entity than with this tool.

Here are a 10 benefits of utilizing Dynamic 365 for your mergers and acquisitions:

  •  Reduces closing time
  • Increases efficiency
  •  Accessible at any time and from any location
  •  Aids in building better relationships
  •  Simplifies decision-making
  • Improves decision-making and greater awareness of available opportunities
  •  Maintains the accessibility of historical data
  • Assists in communicating effectively with potential customers
  • Accomplishes investment objectives
  • Makes it easier to complete due diligence promptly

Five reasons why Dynamics 365 is the ideal tool For M&A Management

Customized Dynamics 365 implementations allow you to manage insights, data, and company information in a centralized database, accelerating decision-making processes.

All the resources you need to construct your business and investment processes are available to you in Dynamic 365. To improve efficiency in the merger and acquisition process, use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Accelerator for M&A.

1. Dealing with pipelines

The steps of the deal can be easily configured and managed in Dynamics 365. Each stage has a visual indicator at the top of the form that tells users what stage of the acquisition process they are in, such as engagement and conversation, shortlist, investigation, negotiation, proposal, and closing.

2. Insights and interactions with the company

Using Dynamics 365, you can collect and preserve insights and interactions from both parties involved in the M&A transaction and do so in a secure environment that guarantees universal on-demand access. Dynamics 365's information management capabilities extend to phone calls, emails, and tasks as well.

3. Document sharing libraries
Again, Dynamics 365 excels at capturing and providing a single point of access to a variety of M&A transaction-related document libraries.

4. Integrating natively
Because of Dynamics 365's native connections with SharePoint and Outlook, emails, postings, and other communications pertaining to the M&A process may be automatically recorded and cataloged.


5. Accessible from anywhere, anytime
Dynamics 365 is now available through a mobile app, giving complete access to your task data without the need for a PC or laptop.

Definity First can help you leverage the power of Dynamic 365

Dynamics 365's cloud-based automation provides CFOs with significant risk- and compliance-related insights. These insights are essential for maintaining a positive outlook while combining networks and managing continuing expansion.

At Definity First, we deliver you all of the tools you'll need to set up your M&A business and investment procedures. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Accelerator for M&A Process Efficiency, you can bring your data together and create commercial success. If you want our help to transform your business processes digitally, visit our website and get started today!