Enterprise Social Networking matters… a lot!

July 17, 2015 | by Helena Hernandez

In Cloud Services, Microsoft Partner, Collaboration Portals

Internal Communication is a key factor to make your organization work by creating links between people and functions. Sometimes sending emails, attaching PDF files, and doing linear PowerPoint presentations will not provide ideal internal communication. But how can Internal Communication be enhanced? Your answer is in Technology. 

Improve your internal communication with Enterprise Social tools

Web-native, trackable content is now available for the enterprise via Enterprise Social Networks and Software. People constantly refer to Enterprise Social Networks as an internal Twitter or Facebook, but they are much more than that. They enhance internal communication by bringing people together to work as a team, for the benefit of the organization.

Use Networking tools for your Enterprise Social NetworkingTherefore, insight from the frontline reaches to the top, and people don’t waste time on searching for information internally. So, in case you were wondering; yes, Enterprise Social Networking matters...a lot!

High-value collaboration software, like Microsoft SharePoint , Yammer or even Genius, can make this possible. These solutions not only allow managers to broadcast the latest policies, branding message, dos and don'ts, but also lets employees respond, ask questions and feel more engaged.

A well-established Enterprise Social Network can enhance internal communication by opening new feedback channels, encouraging collaboration across silos and geographies, breaking down hierarchies, and allowing employees to choose who and what to engage with. Communication is the system integrator! Transform your business and go Social.

If you are not sure which Social Enterprise Software is suitable for your enterprise, ask us about it, we will be glad to assist you. Send an email to sales@definityfirst.com, we are here to help!