Nov 10, 2020
5 min read

Expand to New Business Opportunities with Dynamics 365 for Mergers & Acquisitions

Microsoft Dynamics is a series of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer resource management (CRM) tools.

Dynamics 356 is a tool that brings together its ERP and CRM capabilities, together with Cortana Intelligence, Power BI, and Office 365.

The pandemic has affected many companies to the point where the prospect of a merger or an acquisition presents itself as a viable business strategy for growth.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help companies transition between a merger or an acquisition through its diverse suite of capabilities. It is easy to use and offers progressive business opportunities even in a time of economic crises.

What Can Dynamics 365 Do?

This tool can help businesses streamline various aspects of their day-to-day functioning, such as:

Relationship management   |   Productivity  |   Insights
Lead management   |   Multi-channel campaigns   |   Templates   |   Event management
Customer Service
Omni-channel engagement   |   Self Service   |   Service intelligence
Field Service
Service agreements   |   Scheduling and Dispatching
Retail Management
Manage merchandise   |   Store experience   |   Operations


Becoming a Dynamic 365 partner can allow you to piece together all these services on one platform, which reduces the number of transitional steps a company has to take during a merger or an acquisition.

Companies appreciate conducting transitional partnerships with other companies when they don’t have to uproot the framework of their entire operations.

How Does Dynamics 365 Encourage Mergers and Acquisitions?

If you’re a company that is considering going down the M&A route, Dynamics 365 can help you arrive at a decision faster. It does this by assuring two things:

System Continuity

An M&A process brings about defining changes to the structure of a company. It completely changes their ideation behind product development, service development, and revenue-driving.

For this to occur seamlessly, the company is acquired to ensure that its fundamental structure is easily transferable. At the same time, the acquirer should have a system that can incorporate an entirely new information set.

When contemplating M&A, the buyer prefers a company that utilizes a popular ERP tool. This is done to reduce risks and encourage continuity.

Transitional Efficiency

Even if both ends of an M&A deal are not streamlined through Dynamics 365, it can speed up the process if even one of them adheres.

The selling company can provide reports on data security, audit capabilities, profitability, and manufacturing capabilities much faster through Dynamics 365 because of its flexible data storage model.

Alongside furnishing reports at the drop of a hat, Dynamics 365 can uncouple various parts of your business if the buyer wants to dissect or focus on one specific aspect.

Explore New Business Opportunities with Dynamics 365 for Mergers and Acquisitions

Dynamics 365 helps businesses find opportunities to merge with another entity, help buyers find businesses for sale, and help sellers find opportunities to sell. Dynamics 365 is a gateway for businesses to explore new opportunities through:

Forecasting Capabilities

Power BI is a tool made by Microsoft to help businesses analyze various services and their efficiencies. It has a simple user interface and is easy to use for people with little or no analytics experience.

Dynamics 365 incorporates the use of Power BI to provide users with insights that allow them to forecast trends, identify potential areas for growth, and predict overall development.

This can help companies make vital decisions about mergers and acquisitions.

Quick Results

The main problem with merged or acquired companies is the transitional period, where they work to incorporate employee data, liquidity, ERP, and CRM, among other things.

Dynamics 365 bridges this gap through:

  • Connecting similar data points across businesses to maintain a consistent customer experience
  • Workflows that assist in bridging various departments to prevent data clotting


Dynamics 365 offers complete solutions to companies looking to ease the process of merging, acquiring, or being sold.

Also, it offers a new lease of life to companies looking for opportunities to grow and prosper, especially since the pandemic. Start optimizing your M&A Process Efficiency today with the power of technology. Contact us.