Suffering from Cloudaphobia? I'll help you get through it

August 18, 2015 | by Helena Hernandez

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Cloud storage is really common and normal for me but I have met some people that suffer from cloudaphobia. Yes, fear of "the cloud". Are you cloudaphobic too? Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

4 steps to conquer your Cloudaphobia

According to psychology and psychiatry experts, there are four basic steps to overcome a phobia. Let’s follow these steps and get rid of that fear of the cloud.

1. Identify what is causing the phobia

Cloudaophobia is often caused due to lack of information about what the cloud is and rumors, or myths, about its performance and security. Then, the first step of getting through cloudaphobia is having an accurate answer to what the cloud is. 

First, the cloud is not a physical thing. The cloud is the Internet, in other words, it is a network of servers. You use the Internet every single day, right? There’s really no reason to fear this new concept. Each server in this network has a different function: some servers use computing power to run applications or "deliver a service", and other servers are responsible for storing data. See? The cloud is harmless.

The rumors and the myths you have heard about the cloud are an important reason you have this phobia. Maybe you think the cloud is always about spending a lot of money; that it is not as secure as on-premises capabilities; and that cloud technology has not matured enough. 

The reality is that saving money may end up being one of cloud computing benefits for your company. Also, the risks in the cloud are the same as those faced by traditional IT solutions, the key is having an ideal cloud hosting provider. Last but not least, cloud computing is fast approaching to maturity and within the next four years, we can expect constant innovation so cloud computing meets the needs of any business. 

Do not fear of the cloud and take advantage of it

2. Understand the fear

Understanding cloudaphobia means discussing your fear with someone else. So go ahead and talk to someone who is using and benefiting from cloud computing in his business. Ask this person about the before and after scenarios, about the positive and also negative points of cloud computing, and talk about how you feel and think about the cloud. 

At this point, it is important not to forget your daily intake of the pills your psychologist recommended: two doses of Microsoft Azure Youtube channel and one dose of Azure’s blog. You'll feel better.

3. Face your fear

Once you have taken your "pills", talked a little more about your fear, and you are more calmed; face your fear and try the cloud (always with the help of an expert). You can do a lot of things with the cloud. For example, Microsoft Azure allows you to develop Web Apps, use Virtual Machines, have a SQL Database, use Machine Learning tools, perform Mobile Backends and have a RemoteApp.

You will feel relieved, and you’ll see that using cloud computing brings a lot of benefits. As I have, you will start realizing that cloud computing is great for every business.

4. Constant work to embrace the fear

The last step to get rid of cloudaphobia is to never stop developing new things and apps with the variety of services cloud computing offers. At the end, the purpose of this therapy is to eliminate fear of the cloud and begin to profit from it.

Claudaphobia can be defeated

If this condition persists, remember to contact an expert. I know a really good Cloudaphobia Center that will help you through this process, it is called Definity First. You can send an email to schedule an appointment

If you need urgent assistance don’t hesitate to contact the top specialist:
Juan Carlos Madruga
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