Flexible dress code at my job, I'm loving it

July 26, 2016 | by Brenda Valadez

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It feels weird, arriving into an airport to take the 7:30 am flight, realizing you are one of many business travelers and you are not wearing the traditional employee clothes because you have a flexible dress code.

Reasons why I am wearing jeans and a polo shirt on the plane

Every time I am in this situation, I sit and look around. Then, I notice that about 98% of the people in that flight have the traditional employee dress code: black pants, white or blue shirt, coat and tie. You know what I am talking about, right? Funny part is that I am dressed as confortable as I can be. 

I can’t help but ask myself what people think when they see me in jeans and a polo shirt. Yes, I am going for business too and getting on the same flight as you, but I am one of the lucky ones working in a place that understands I don't have to dress or feel unconfortable in order to work and get things done. 

It is no news that most IT companies are already part of this wave of having a flexible work environment in general. This is a trend that is almost a must-do to be able to keep up with the industry competitors, but it is not the only reason to be flexible, there are other important things to take into account.

The Creative Team with flexible dress code at Definity First.

How can someone try to solve a difficult problem while thinking that the shoes he or she is wearing are uncomfortable? Or worrying about the wrinkles in the pants or tight neck on the shirt? Driving a sense of freedom and innovation while allowing people to express who they are, that’s what a flexible dress code is about.

The bottom part is that people’s talent needs to be released, and having this dress code policy does help with creativity and innovation. It is a great way to give employees the option of self-expression.

When you allow people freedoms like a flexible dress code, you are also trusting in their best judgment and giving them a sense of belonging. You'll notice that your entire team will become more conscious and proud about company values and activities.

Here at Definity First we like our people to feel comfortable and happy in a relaxed environment. We believe that small actions like a flexible dress code make the difference; therefore, it allows us to drive innovation, amazing customer service and outstanding results.

Oh, by the way, we are hiring! Send your resume to jobs@definityfirst.com and you could also be one of the lucky ones enjoying a flexible dress code.

Open positions:

  • Sr .NET Developer
  • QA Automation Engineer
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  • Data Quality Consultant (Trillium)
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