Get Started: Benefits of Microsoft Azure

May 16, 2017 | by Victor Plasencia

In Azure, Cloud Services, Microsoft

Azure is a cloud-based solution that provides both IAAS (Infrastructure-As-A-Service) and PAAS (Platform-As-A-Service).  These solutions offer both managed and unmanaged services that enable your business to explode into productivity! 

Web Apps

Azure App Service provides the backbone by which web apps can be created and operate quickly and efficiently in a large variety of programming languages. Azure supports many programming languages and APIs.   

Virtual Machines

Software that acts as a computer is called a virtual machine. These can be costly to host and maintain within a company’s internal IT shop. But, with the Microsoft Azure environment, one can purchase on-demand, scalable virtual machines.

Machine Learning

Azure provides a powerful predictive analysis tool that is scalable to your level of ability. If you are a novice user, there is a simple GUI to help you get your answers. All levels of this tool can be implemented within minutes and have you actively working on analysis to improve your business. 

Microsoft Azure will make your business stand out

Mobile backends

Mobile applications require a backend/server where the application data is stored or the application runs from – to some degree. These backend services are also part of Microsoft Azure and they work on both Andriod & iOS. 


This allows you to run any Windows application anywhere, on any device including Windows, iOS, Android and Mac OS X. RemoteApp is the equivalent of Remote Desktop Services on your standard desktop computer that you might remotely access via VPN from outside the company’s private network. 

Microsoft has created the most secure solution on the cloud available today. They even have a separate, stand-alone solution called Azure Government that passes all the rigorous security measures required in governmental agency data management.

Microsoft Azure is a very strong competitor in this emerging market and this solution set offers many variations to manage your needs cost effectively. At Definity First we can help you make the most out of Microsoft Azure, send us an email and let’s talk about your technology goals!