How is it to be in a Great Place to Work®?

August 30, 2016 | by Esteban Hernandez

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It’s a Monday morning and you feel like "today we go to the office, wonderful!” Some people may find it strange that someone else finds it great to go to work. But I would instead say it is actually pretty awesome because I'm heading to a Great Place to Work®.

I love what I do, but I love my work environment even more

They say that happiness is doing what you love. In many regards, this is absolutely true.  The place where you work, however, its culture and its steady growth, also influence how much you love your work.

Imagine for a moment an office where you can arrive at the hour that you want with no fixed schedule, and dress as you feel most comfortable. Imagine a Great Place to Work® where not only can you drink a cup of delicious coffee, but also a place where you have a wide variety of snack options.  This is all absolutely free. And the most important thing, the colleagues you work with, will inevitably become your friends.

Definity First acquired the Great Place to Work certification

This is a place that you can make your own because you can decorate it as you wish. If at any time you feel stressed by a task or project, you can go take a deep breath and relax a few minutes in the Xbox room, play foosball or even crush it at table tennis.

What about having the delicious traditions of Taco Friday or Healthy Wednesday? Every Wednesday there’s fruit and granola in the lunch room, and every Friday morning we come together to have some tacos. 

This is a place where all opinions matter, where there are friendly people everywhere, where individual and professional growth is a reality, and where the most valuable aspect of the company is the people. Collaboration is the key that we all use because we know that only teamwork will allow us to achieve all of our goals.

For all these reasons and more, this is to me a Great Place to Work® #ThisIsUs