Sep 3, 2022
6 min read

How Microsoft Teams can help improve Enterprise Collaboration

Organizations' work method has changed drastically since the pandemic. According to a study by Owl labs, 55% of employees work more hours remotely than on-site, with more businesses shifting to a hybrid or remote working model permanently. This trend is expected to completely take over the conventional working models in the coming times. 

Research published by Upwork discloses that 61.9% of managers moved their workforce to a remote team as a strategy to enhance productivity. The study also states that the remote work trend would likely increase at a double rate from 30% to 65%. 

However, regardless of the nature of working models, many enterprises share a common problem of managing teams and their communication. Reports show that employees working in companies with better team communication have 58% better physical well-being and 55% better emotional well-being. Microsoft Teams is the solution to team communication challenges.  

What is Microsoft Teams? 

Microsoft Teams is a team collaboration chat-based platform that enables communication, data sharing, project management, and online meetings. When an enterprise has a shared platform for communication, it becomes easy to share data, commands, and feedback with the entire team.  

This platform is particularly beneficial for organizations with remote and hybrid working models, where team members are scattered and working alone. The straightforward user interface is one of its standout features, allowing everyone to access and navigate it conveniently. 

How can Microsoft Teams improve enterprise collaboration?  

Microsoft Teams has many benefits to offer. Regardless of their size or industry, every organization can take advantage of Microsoft Teams for their unique needs. Following are the primary benefits of using Microsoft Teams for enterprise-level team management. 

  • Engaging Discussions  

Microsoft Teams allows you to create channel discussions. These channels are an effective method to discuss projects, deadlines, and issues and help in brainstorming ideas. You can create multiple channels simultaneously for different teams, which allows you to add team members to the dedicated channels. 

The purpose of channels is to simplify discussions and increase efficiency. Moreover, these channels have different tools to make the team discussion more interactive and engaging. The discussion tools allow you to have one or more planners or notes in the channels while using a tab for different pages. 

  • Quick Communication  

There are times when you need to share your ideas and visions or discuss important things, but not everything can be directly sent through e-mail. Microsoft Teams has chat features that allow you to send messages or initiate mini-conversation with the team members. The reason is that in organizations, it is vital to keep the communication professional. 

The chat feature is not only limited to being used for professional conversations; team members can also discuss informal topics and conduct general discussions in the chat box. The best part is that the Microsoft Teams chat feature has similar elements to other chat applications like Facebook messenger; you can share emojis and tag different users for specific mentions.  

  • Share Files And Work On Them Simultaneously 

Unlike other team communication platforms, Microsoft Teams allows you to share files and work on them with team members at the same time. With meetings and work sessions, it becomes easier for the team to understand the task and work requirements on the specific files.  

Along with the file sharing feature, Microsoft Teams includes integration of PowerPoint, Excel, and third-party applications such as Trello, Skype, and Twitter. There are many features within the file sharing feature of Microsoft Teams, like adding colored flags to different types of files like documents, images, spreadsheets, and many more.  

  • Conduct Team Meetings And Conference Calls 

Conference calls and meetings are crucial for the company and its employees; it plays a significant role in the development, growth, and achievement of long and short strategic goals. Microsoft Teams have video conference and conference call features that can connect many attendees, which is a massive benefit for an organization with remote and hybrid teams.  

Microsoft Team's conference calls and meetings support various devices; people can connect to meetings and calls using their laptops, smartphones, and tablets. It is also a great tool to train employees and brainstorm ideas with collaborative meeting tools for sharing content. Moreover, it allows you to record the meetings for company data, important notes, or company records.  


Microsoft Teams is an essential tool for organizations and enterprises. It will help them maintain a seamless workflow in every situation and condition. With the changing trends in working methods, Microsoft Teams will ensure that the team continues to work within the company vision and employee betterment. Learn more about effective team communication and management with Definity First. Contact us to improve your company performance today.