Dec 9, 2021
5 min read

How to Accelerate Digital Selling and Adoption of Digital Experiences

Pandemic-induced lockdowns have forced digital experiences to the forefront of the commercial arena as more businesses adopt digital selling to facilitate the changing needs of their customers. A survey by McKinsey & Company shows that 80% of organizations expect a continuous shift to digital selling and buying.

Sellers who stay on top of this evolution can hope to connect with and guide customers digitally using secure, reliable, and intuitive tools. In addition, it’s also good to have a reliable partner to help your business provide stellar digital experiences to customers.

Dynamics 365 Sales empowers all organizations to increase sales, helping them recognize the evolving needs of their customers and through data, digital experiences, and intelligence. This is the key to improving seller-buyer relationships. That’s because it allows organizations to understand how to drive authentic and relevant engagements, making selling a more straightforward process.

Acceleration of Proactive Digital Selling

Here are a few ways to accelerate proactive digital selling and digital experience adoption using Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Forecast Your Success

Accurate forecasts of sales targets allow businesses to make well-informed strategic decisions when selling online to a diverse audience. The latest iteration of Dynamics 365 Sales offers a range of forecasting capabilities that help modern businesses scale at will.

Some features include:

  • Opportunity splits
  • Forecasting per each product
  • Multi-currency views
  • Drill down
  • Daily snapshots
  • Entity support

Pipeline intelligence and advanced forecasting with predictive opportunity and lead scoring can help your sales team uncover the best deals. In addition, the intelligence score feature allows sellers to know where to spend their time, how to increase productivity and improve resource allocation.

Deploy a Sales Accelerator

Inbound sellers can fast-track their sales cadence by managing digital interactors and prioritizing customer activities accordingly, i.e., into opportunities or solid leads. Next, directly engage with customers through calls or integrated emails using Dynamics 365.

It supports automatic lead routing, with a strong focus on marketing and sales automation. This encourages sellers to streamline their sales sequences to reach their goals faster and more efficiently.

Understand Customer Behavior

Online sellers are juggling more buyers than ever thought possible. As thousands of visitors go through your e-commerce site, it is essential to know who they are to serve them better.

Dynamics 365 offers an in-depth understanding of customer behavior so sellers can create experiences accordingly. These features are:

Relationship Intelligence

This feature allows sellers to identify, nurture and solidify relationships with customers. In addition, Dynamics 365 offers a premium auto-capture element that makes data capture faster and simpler for sellers, allowing them to focus more on activities that generate revenue.

Conversation Intelligence

A great way to improve digital experiences is by learning more about them. For example, a 2021 survey by FullStory shows that for 84% of consumers, the knowledge provided by a business is equally as important as the services and products it offers.

A great way to get meaningful insights is by transcribing calls to analyze customer behaviors and sentiment. Sellers can then use the insights to converse with clients the way that seems most fruitful. In addition, Dynamics 365 allows sellers to use Team calls directly from their CRM, making it practical to transcribe calls automatically.

Accelerate Adoption of Digital Experiences

Here are some ways Dynamics 365 can help improve seller digital adoption:

Take Advantage of Usability Enhancements

These features help businesses create touchpoints that produce very little friction and are easier to use. In addition, Dynamics 365 allows for digital experience adoption. It offers enhanced data management features, improved email capabilities, an optimized sharing experience for customers and legal entities, smooth PDF generation, and a better search experience.

Use a Mobile CRM

Simplifying the use of CRMs makes for easier adoption of digital experiences. For example, Dynamics 365 Sales lets sellers use their mobile phones to access customer information quickly and intuitively. As a result, sellers can now easily see recent records and scheduled customer meetings, no matter where they are. They can also add notes during conferences as well as update opportunities and customer accounts.

In Conclusion

There is no denying how difficult these times are. Thus, organizations must adapt to these ever-evolving conditions while consistently delivering results.

Definity First can help your organization migrate to a more digitally inclined selling experience as we have all specialists who know all the trade tricks. So call us now to schedule an appointment, and accelerate digital selling the right way.