Jul 29, 2021
5 min read

How To Transform Your Business with Industry-Specific Cloud Offerings

2020 brought with it massive economic disruptions, forcing businesses to work remotely. Regardless of the industry, organizations have had to find ways to function online, facilitating stakeholders to ensure continued productivity and profitability.

As a result, large-scale technological evolutions also emerged to cater to the growing needs of businesses to provide necessary tools to employees.

Microsoft has been at the top of its game, developing ways to support customers through industry-specific cloud offerings to drive further innovations. In fact, the software giant has emerged as a frontrunner in cloud technology, offering a range of solutions like Azure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform, and Microsoft 365 and Teams.

These platforms allow businesses to quickly adapt to the current environment and prepare for future challenges. Let's find out how the following industries can benefit from these cloud offerings.

Financial Services

Microsoft Cloud services offer unique templates, Microsoft solutions, APIs, and security coverage layers to ensure quality customer experiences, enhance productivity and employee collaboration, secure core systems, and manage risks.

These capabilities allow entities in the financial sector to modernize their systems. Retail banks can create a complete view of customers with more insights, improve access to details to reduce fraud, and use digital collaboration in process workflows for real-time visibility to status hand-offs.

Similarly, collaboration and automation can help lenders close loans using streamlined workflows and more transparency with the new Loan Manager feature.


2020 reinforced the idea for manufacturers to move towards IoT, data-driven automation, AI, and machine learning to continue supply chains during the lockdown.

Cloud services for Manufacturing will enable capabilities to carry out the main requirements and processes of this industry. Combining existing and new Microsoft capabilities can partner solutions to efficiently connect assets, people, business processes, and workflows, making organizations more resilient.


Even though nonprofits work to overcome challenges and support communities across the globe with their essential services, they often come across disconnected data and various disparate systems.

As a result, Cloud's solution is to create a smart and connected platform that empowers volunteers and staff to eliminate their worries about the issue, focusing solely on their goals. It connects Microsoft's cloud capabilities to everyday nonprofit situations like program design with delivery, constituent engagement, fundraising, and volunteer management through its data model.


Retail is an ever-growing industry, with a significant rise in the sector in the past year where better customer loyalty emerged, record-breaking online sales were made, and there was a stark increase in online buying with a store or curbside pickup.

Cloud services for retail combine various data sources throughout the retail value journey, connecting end-to-end shopper journey experiences to create more personalized experiences and improve operations for more profitability.

With the retail industry cloud, retailers can target customers better with more relevant customer notifications and recommendations, make their payment process more manageable, provide better fraud protection, and enhance their fulfillment options.


The Microsoft Cloud for healthcare connects providers with patients who cancel or defer their necessary elective procedures digitally through a secure connection. This helps patients to re-establish a relationship with their healthcare facilitators. They also help providers recover in the new environment.

Primary Elements Of Industry-Specific Approach

Three main factors distinguish Microsoft's industry-specific efforts from the rest:

Empowering People

Regardless of their industry, businesses rely on workers to achieve the company goals through hard work. With the industry-specific approach, the people directly facing the problems get the solutions, so partnering organizations act faster to make smarter decisions and give better experiences.


Microsoft's worldwide partner ecosystem provides extraordinary expertise and builds high-value solutions for almost any situation. By collaborating with industry-leading system integrators and individual software vendors to address customers' problems through efficient solutions.

Security, Trust, And Compliance

Microsoft's offerings combine industry-recognized standards across edge and Cloud, including over 90 certifications and over 35 industry-specific compliance provisions. As a result, it provides more value for partners, enabling more investment opportunities and expanding their business instead of applying for certifications.


Our world is rapidly changing, and we need to keep up with it to succeed in the new environment. Everyone had to find ways to work remotely while also maintaining communication, collaboration, and work efficiency.

As the need for advanced tools grows, the digital landscape has also started evolving to cater to employees' needs and prepare them for the future.

Head over to Definity First to learn how Microsoft Cloud's industry-specific approach supports customers through constant innovations, helping them in the current situation and driving them to work efficiently in the future.