Innovative experiences and the modern workplace

November 21, 2017 | by Edilberto Martínez

In Cloud Services, Office 365

It will be great to stay in the know without lifting a finger, but is that even possible? Well, yes it is. With collaboration technology solutions and Business Inteligence in Office 365, bring together everything that is most relevant to you, right now.

Improve collaboration with co-workers and colleagues wherever they are

Office 365 is a powerful platform and a strategic way to embrace mobility and cloud. Be more agile in your development and increase the speed with which you can bring innovation witin your company.  With Office 365, co-author like never before in Word, PowerPoint and OneNote. That's right, get input without leaving your doc. Furthermore, Office 365 has Skype in-app integration where you can share conversations, notebook, content, plans and more.

Office 365 make team work effective

Work with your team like you are all in one room, even when you’re not. Skype Meetings offers HD video, desktop sharing, co-authoring, presentations, and more. Take your office anywhere in full fidelity with a set of Office 365 mobile apps across Windows, Android, and iOS. Pick up right where you left off, as your most recently used documents list travels with you across your devices. Make work on-the-go more productive, simpler and possible anywhere it matters.

Office 365 is designed for your team to create their best by givint them the tools they need to collaborate inside and outside the company. Feel confident you are helping your teams be as efficient and effective as possible. With Office 365 and Delve, enable your co-workers to find the latest files that were shared with them within your organization.

Make decisions and move forward, fast. GigJam in Office 365 provides a breakthrough new way to get the right people and information together, so teams can make progress inmediately. Empower everyone to create their best with Office 365. 

At Definity First, we want you to turn Office 365 in your place to create, communicate, collaborate, and get great work done. We make sure Office 365 helps everyone in your organization achieve more with their work, and we'll assist you in the adoption process. Don't think it twice and contact us to create a modern, interactive workplace where collaboration is endless.