Becoming a Life-Long Learner at Definity First

December 13, 2016 | by Rodolfo Ortiz

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Continuous learning is part of the life of a software engineer. We can probably compare our career to the career of a physician.   Physicians continuously attend conferences, hold seminars, and take courses in order to always be improving. This is the same for us software engineers. In fact, here at Definity First, we enjoy several benefits related to this.

The Benefits of Working for Definity First

The first one are certifications. Definity First purchases the certification exams that we are interested in taking. For me, it was the MCSD certification. It’s not even only technical exams! I also pursued the PMP certification last year, and the company sponsored a part of the certification expenses!  This was a huge help and benefit to me. This is something not many companies do.  To me, it shows just how invested Definity First is in training its talent.

Additionally, Definity First also buys technical books for us. You can even receive printed or digital versions. (I usually prefer digital as you receive them right away.)  I've done this 4 or 5 times, and there was no paperwork, just an email request and I received the book!

Definity First is the place to never stop learning

We also have 30 minute technical talks each week by one of the software developers. The topics vary as they are proposed by the presenter. I have been fortunate to present five times, with the last one being about creating lambda expressions using expression trees. Oh, and we also have personal goals that help us improve at our own pace! This is one of my favorite parts of my job and definitely helps further my professional growth.

Finally, Definity First offers two more special benefits. One of these benefits is financial aid toward English classes for the people that want to improve their English speaking skills. The other benefit is financial aid when undertaking an advanced graduate degree.  

These things show just how well Definity First takes care of their employees.  Employee growth is very important! To quote one of our Project Managers, Juan Carlos Madruga, “in Definity First you can grow as much as you want.”

I'm sure that any developer would love to work at a place like Definity First, that's the reason I invite you to check out our open job positions. Believe me, you'll love it here.