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August 11, 2015 | by Nelly Medrano

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So here we go, my top 5 awesome quick tips for an awesome resume! (I really like the word awesome)

If you are looking for a job, prepare a great resume

1. Contact Information

We want to get in touch with you!! So that’s why it is important to add your personal info such as

  • Name: yes, your name! It is crucial for the recruiter to know your name.
  • Mobile Phone: please answer your phone, they want to talk to you, and you don’t want to miss any job opportunity!
  • Email: no high school funny emails please! It’s about time to create a new one for your professional career.
  • Social media: Add your LinkedIn, personal website and portfolio sites. Twitter and Facebook are not necessary, but it’s up to you!

2. Work Experience

Be completely honest in this section, add your most recent job first, of course is important for us to focus on your recent experience. If you’ve had a lot of jobs there’s no need to write them all. Please just add the three most recent jobs, believe me it works!! Remember to be simple in your details, don’t forget to add dates to your experience.


3. Resume length

As you know, recruiters have tons of resumes to read so keep it simple and add all your experience in 1 page. A 1 page-resume attracts more recruiters, they said. You don’t need to describe every role or each activity, save the best for the interview!!! If your recruiter asks you for more details go ahead, but no more than 2 pages. And then, you will still save some magic for the interview!

4. Keywords

The trick is to add keywords that recruiters are looking for, so take a look at job descriptions you are interested in and make a list with similar words between them. After that, try to add those words to the work experience, description and other sections in your resume. This helps recruiters to easily find your resume as they look for the right candidate. Keywords are BASIC, make sure you don’t skip this research.

5. No Photo

We are looking for your skills, talent and knowledge so there’s no need for a photo, we know you are awesome and good looking. In case your recruiter asks for a photo, add the most professional photo you have. Party and crazy photos are not professional photos, remember that you need to look interesting.

Now you are ready!!! Just read, read again and make someone else read your resume so everything makes sense. Check for punctuation, grammar, typos, dates etc. Be patient in your job hunting, remember sometimes it will take a couple of days for your resume to be read, but IT WILL.  By the way, Definity First is waiting for your resume! Send an email