Definity First, a Microsoft Partner with 7 Gold and 8 Silver Competencies

October 20, 2016 | by Helena Hernandez

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Being a Microsoft Partner means to strengthen our capabilities, better serve customers, and build connections to reach our full business potential.

This is what our Microsoft Competencies say about us

We work hard and we play hard!

The Microsoft Competencies are designed to meet customers needs and be recognizable to prospective ones. Thanks to these Competencies we have demostrated our proven expertise in delivering quality business software solutions. With 12 years in the software industry and a total of 15 Micosoft Partner Competencies, Definity First has completely stand out from its peers.

Let's talk about a little bit of our very own Microsoft Competencies. Each one of them demostrates our technical proficiency in different business solution areas. 

Gold Competencies

1. Customer Relationship Management
This competency expands relationships with customers by helping them plan their Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations. Definity First stands out because of the knowledge and expertise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This Gold Competency allows us the access to internal-use software licenses and demo/dev accounts for Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a better customer experience and results.

2. Collaboration and Content
Microsoft recognizes us for helping our customers share, collaborate and improve productivity with SharePoint solutions. As a Collaboration and Content Micorsoft Partner we receive access to SharePoint technical trainings, support, internal-use software licenses, and incentives to provide our clients with the best services and results. 

3. Application Development
This certifies out fast software delivery and continuous improvement. We are one of the recognized Microsoft app builder partners which differentiate us and gives us access to benefits to deliver our clients exactly what they need.

4. Devices and Deployment
This proves we are experts in selling, deploying, and managing solutions based on Windows platform. Customers look for us to obtain the best Windows experience. 

5. Application Integration
Thanks to this competency we are known for integrating apps and solutions into various products accross the Microsoft ecosystem. 

6. Cloud Productivity
We differentiate ourselves as a cloud solution provider for selling and deploying Microsoft Office and hybrid solutions.

7. Hosting 
With this competency, Microsoft gives us access to resources to help our private hosted and hybrid cloud offering which includes Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Lync, SharePoint and more. 

Definity First build & maintain business-critical solutions that solve our customer problems.

Silver Competencies

1. Cloud Customer Relationship Management
This competency makes us proud because we are a premier provider of Microsoft Dynamics XRM Online, marketing, social and Parature. With unlimited Signature Cloud Support, account management, internal-use rights, development and test environments we assure our customers the to meet all their requirements.

2. Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions
We are known for selling and deploying Microsoft Office 365 cloud and hybrid solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. 

3Midmarket Solution Provider 
Having this competency gives our customers the trust they are doing business with experts in infrastructure, needs and costs than will always provide Signature Cloud Support

4. Cloud Platform
The demand for infrastructure and SaaS solutions built on Microsoft Azure is growing really fast, and the Cloud Platform competency has helped us to be the favorite of many companies and customers. 

5. Data Analytics
Being an expert in delivering and deploying Microsoft BI solutions strengthens our relationship with businesses looking for the ideal SQL Server and SharePoint Deployment Planning Services provider. 

6. Data Platform
We help our clients to run their business with powerful and versatile database plarforms, we have become a great Microsoft SQL Server Deployment Planning Services provider.

7. Datacenter
We transform data centers into flexible, scalable and cost effective solutions. A Datacenter Microsoft Partner like us, provides services like Private Cloud, Management and Virtualization Deployment Planning Services. 

8. Messaging
In all Microsoft Exchange projects we showcase our skills and expertise. As a results, our customers can grow businesses, shorten sales cycles and gain advantage. 

With these 15 Microsoft Partner competencies, Definity First proves to be a software firm which delivers outstanding results exceeding customers' expectations. Our partnership with Microsoft  is key to provide our customers with the best software solutions. 

About Definity First

A Gold Certified Microsoft Partner specializing in Azure (Cloud Services), Office 365, and Managed Services, Definity First is a software development firm with 12+ years of experience. With five locations in North America and over 150 team members, we have the talent, skills, and experience you need to compete in the 21st century.  In an increasingly competitive market, we take the time to understand your business in order to recommend and develop the best possible technology solutions to your unique challenges. Your goals are our goals.

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