Mar 31, 2020
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Microsoft Teams: Staying Productive while Working Remotely

Teams is already a part of Microsoft, thus making all your data and communications accessible through Microsoft Graph and Office 365’s centralized governance and management console.

This is where Microsoft Teams make integrating solutions easier for you – it belongs to a robust platform. You’re not signing up for the average stand-alone solution. 

Consider this: Teams provides a versatile conversation experience, so this means that all your messages, information and assets will be automatically saved.

These assets become searchable via Microsoft Graph. These conversations become visible to everyone on your team, but you also have the option of launching private discussions. 

Additionally, Team’s deep Skype integration brings you video and voice capabilities plus a wide variety of modern visual communication tools that will help increase engagements with your team members.

Enjoy the possibility of adding GIFs, stickers, emojis, and custom memes to your messages as a way or personalizing your messages and break the ice on each conversation.

Improved Meeting Experience with Scheduling Capabilities in Microsoft Teams

The ability to meet virtually is an important and cost-effective feature for businesses today. Teams gives you a view of your scheduled meetings, the timing, the subject, and a list of other persons who’ll be attending. 

Bots Gallery

About 24 bots with a variety of functionalities are available to help increase productivity. There’s the T-Bot, which can answer most basic and frequently asked questions about Teams, Polly Bot for polling co-workers, Statsbot for delivering scheduled reports via sources, such as Salesforce and Google Analytics, and Growbot, which allows the exchange of kudos with your co-workers. 

The Ideal Teamwork Hub

When you become a full member of an Office 365 Group, you will experience the full depth and breadth of Office 365 including tools, such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Planner, OneNote, SharePoint, Delve, and Power BI.

Since Microsoft Teams was constructed around the idea of leveraging the maximum capability of Microsoft Graph, your workgroups and teams will now have the ability to share insights, intelligence, and data anywhere within the Office 365 suite. 

If you’re working in an environment where intelligent services like receiving tickets from your Jira Platform or connecting to SAP, Microsoft Teams can be your go-to tool for surfacing these applications through your workspace.

This added functionality will assist you with information sharing, discovery, and relevancy. Microsoft has also put tools in place within Teams and the Office 365 suite to ensure conversation and data context is preserved over time. 

Mobile Audio and Video Calling

Available on both Android and iOS (audio only), Teams provides a simple and easy-to-use app that allows you to chat with your team via text, have a voice conversation, or a video meeting. 

Highly Customizable

Being able to be customized is an important feature for any application in this era. It is true that all organizations are unique. If you’re looking for a tool that will increase engagement in your organization, then Microsoft Teams is the answer.

This new tool can be tailored to meet all the unique business and cultural needs of your organization. Teams gives you a platform with options for extensibility and open APIs with general availability.

Through the leveraging of Microsoft Exchange’s Connector model, Teams can provide you with updates and notifications from third-party services like GitHub and Twitter.

With added support for Microsoft’s Bot Framework, your organization will be able to create and customize the applications and other intelligent services to integrate with Microsoft Teams. 

Improved Security

Security is another area in which Microsoft Teams stands apart from its competitors and ensures your peace of mind. You will always be provided with cutting-edge security and compliance capabilities when you use any of Office 365’s platform services.

Your data is encrypted while in transit and at rest. Teams and all other Office 365 services meet compliance standards including ISO 27001, HIPPA. SOC 2 and the EU Model Clauses.

Teams is also a part of Microsoft’s global network of data centers which is said to have a transparent operational model. Your Teams account is provisioned within Office 365 and managed via the Admin console. 

Increase your productivity with Microsoft Teams

Connect Instantly Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a powerful communication and collaboration tool that will soon become a major player in the market. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become part of the movement and increase your overall productivity.  Once you have a grasp on what business scenario you’re attempting to solve, you can tailor Teams, Groups, SharePoint, or any other Office 365 service to meet your needs. 

Microsoft Teams (or Teams) is a shared workspace that brings many of the collaboration and communication solutions within Microsoft 365 into a focused modern workplace. 

Document Creation, group-file sharing, messaging, and meetings are now possible with this Microsoft solution that allows any business to transform into a modern digital workplace. 

One of the most appealing benefits for young and modern businesses is that it’s cloud-based, so users can access anywhere, anytime via the desktop or mobile app on both iOS and Android. 

Although it's especially useful for remote teams, it’s a Microsoft solution that benefits in-house employees as well, and also, the new generation of employees (Millennials) are falling in love with Teams. 

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