Real Madrid and Microsoft score a goal together

May 13, 2015 | by Helena Hernandez

In Cloud Services, Internet of Things

Did you know that Real Madrid, the most valuable sports team in the world and winner of five consecutive European Cups, is partnering with Microsoft?

Microsoft Technology is transforming Real Madrid

Real Madrid and Microsoft are working together for all the fansOne of the top aims of this partnership was to place Real Madrid’s fans at the center of the sport, and to use technology to revolutionize the way in which Madridistas follow their team and share their passion for the club.

Jose Angel Sanchez, the club’s CEO, and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took the stage together at Ignite, Microsoft’s premiere technology event, to discuss this exciting partnership.
Sanchez has created a new business culture for the club in his 15 years as CEO. He sees the team’s digital transformation as the next step to embracing the fans of the future. “The new playing field is the world,” he says. “And the Microsoft cloud is giving us the opportunity to build this virtual structure.”

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