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June 3, 2015 | by Jorge Cruz

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“More than 35 percent of the top 5,000 global companies will regularly fail to make insightful decisions about significant changes in their business and markets”- Gartner Inc.

An introduction to Business Intelligence

We can define Business Intelligence (or BI) as simple as a set of tools and technologies to analyze the past and improve the future. 

Companies generate data during normal operations.  Employees add, review, and save data all the time. Data presented by itself is rarely enough to make business decisions.

Let’s define the differences between these concepts:

  • Data- entities and transactions stored as structures and codes.
  • Information- the outcome of processing the data in a form that will have specific meaning to those who access it.
  • Knowledge- it happens when Information is used to make decisions and take actions often at the point when all data starts to make sense

It is necessary to transform raw data generated by everyday operations into meaningful information. Just as importantly, is using the data and information to make informed decisions.  A company’s goal will often be to increase their profitability (increased revenue, reduction in costs) but that cannot be achieved without use of past success and failures through use of data from the company’s systems.

See examples below:

Raw Data

Start using BI and forget about this charts



This is the way BI presents data

Information will help companies  better understand customers,  identify and target the best customers group for marketing programs, predict which customers are at risk of leaving and retain them,  maximize lifetime value, personalize up-sales and cross- sales offers, and provide the knowledge to push the company in the right direction.

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