Quality Center: be a superstar in testing processes

April 18, 2017 | by Claudia Alanis

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Quality Center is, in my opinion and based on what has helped us the most, the more complete and robust Test Management Tool. I also think is really suitable to Manage a Testing Project.

I'm going to talk about Quality Center's 10.0 version. This tool is provided by HP, and helps you to have all the components and details of the Testing Process in one area. At first it seems to only help with the Testing Area, but this awesome tool helps the entire team to have a better vision of the Testing Process (Functional or Automation).

This is how Quality Center looks

Practical questions to show an overview of Quality Center

How is the whole team benefited by this tool?

Quality Center works by modules, and the basic modules to follow the Testing Process are Requirements, Testing and Defects. In the case Testing Module, you have the Testing Manager and Client define the process in Quality Center, and build the relation between the modules and required information.

The Dashboard and Management Modules help to Manage the project in order to have the control of the User Profiles until Generate Status Report. This allows teams to work with the Test Execution Report, until a need arises for a Defects Report.

Take a look at the Quality Center modules

Why follow a Test in Quality Center?

Quality Center lets you create a relationship between the specific requirement, use, case or specification with a specific Test Case, Cycle of Test Execution, Test Execution and the Defects module.

Following a test in Quality Center is easy and efficient

The Module Test Plan allows you to create the Test Case step by step to obtain an expected result according to the rules.

Creare test cases in Quality Center

The Test Lab Module helps to build the Test Execution Cycles and execute step by step, assigning a status to one specific step. This allows everyone to know what specific step has an issue.

Get to know Quality Center test lab module

Defect Module works out bugs with direct relation to an specific test.

The defect module in Quality Center is really useful

How can Automation Testing help you?

The automation team could design the Framework, and can directly program the functions since Quality Center shows the execution report with detail.

Why generate Reports in Quality Center?

The Execution and Defect Reports are the more common reports because they allow teams to see and be updated about the status, the progress of execution and the resolved issues. During a specific test cycle, this is invaluable to the QA Team in making decisions regarding the Test Execution.

Free or not free?  

You'll have to wait until my next blog post!