Signs that your Call Center Needs an Update

January 25, 2016 | by Monica Ibarrola

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Call centers seemed on the verge of becoming an archaic institution with the advent of new technology.  The concept of a call center, however, evolved to match the needs of consumers and the demands of new technologies.  Instead of becoming extinct, these communication centers are now more relevant than ever.

Are your call center employees using smoke signals, carrier pidgeons, or pictographs to communicate?

Call centers used to represent brief company-consumer interactions.  Call centers could only provide so much remote support.  Where once stood a limited public image of a company, however, now stands a company’s ability to create an operating persona. The new ‘contact’ center has become a branding tool for businesses.  They are the virtual face (and arms and legs) of a company for customer interactions.  These extensions provide a forum for customers to get a feel for what sort of company they might be dealing with.  Here are a few signs that your call center may be due for an upgrade:

A call center should be on top of the technology curve

  1.  Customers can have easy access to product experts through contact centers. Gone are the days of isolated call centers with no answers. Companies are hiring educated professionals that are experts in their field.  This gives more value to any service or product that a customer might purchase.
  2.  Call centers were manned by a limited number of employees that could only answer so many call each day. Contact centers open up new realms of communication. They provide quicker and more efficient lines of information transfer.
  3. Contact centers tend to employ professionals and field experts, as mentioned above.  These people can work from literally anywhere in the world and are no longer limited by the length of a telephone cord.
  4. Contact centers have gone digital.  Professionals can remote in, chat online or even video conference. On top of efficiency, contact centers’ digitalization is more eco-friendly, too.
  5. Contact centers represent low capital investments and minimalize startup and maintenance costs.
  6. Contact centers are flexible and adaptable. These centers change to fit the demands of the consumer base.

Switching your company to a contact center has never been easier or more affordable.  Stop using tin cans and string to communicate, and bring your business into the contact center era.

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