What happens when you give a software developer a set of drums?

August 18, 2017 | by Brenda Valadez

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Inside the software industry you will find projects that are very time and energy consuming, intense deadlines and expectations for everything to be delivered on time and efficiently; it’s no different any consulting firm from the other when it comes down to project work.

So, what makes a technology service company stand apart from the others?

It all comes down to the culture!

A culture where uniqueness and collaboration is fostered and awarded, a culture where anyone can knock on any leader’s door and talk, a culture where despite the intensive projects the company empowers their associates with the ability to foster their skills – even if they are not work related skills – having a space, time and resources to unwind and relax is one of the most important things to consider when looking for a new company to work for.

And this is exactly what happened at Definity First during this 2017; via our Mentorship Program, we came to learn about the very talented people that work on different areas and different ages; I am not talking about a couple of people… we apparently have enough artists to start our own rock band (a large one!); our CEO committed to help our associates to teach everyone that a lot can be done in our everyday lives so long we are able to measure our energy and resources; time is a very limited commodity but so is our mental bandwidth, and one of the most challenging problems we need to learn to address is to have enough time to go out enjoy life and at the same time give the little extra at work.

So when one of our very talented consultants decided that he wanted to help us coordinate the group of local talents to create a musical event called Definity Stage, our CEO without hesitation not only approved the event but also invested in purchasing several musical instruments for our artist to use, not only during this event but many more to come.

Yes, a software developers can rock the stage

During a few months our associates got together after work to rehearse several songs, the environment made a difference for all of them; practice what you love with the people you care and do it for the fun and the great memories!

Having the great opportunity of working in an open office environment where our culture is as important as our technical results. The drive of our people created one of our most loved events.

The result of empowering our associates was an amazing night filled with laughter, silly moments and support towards each other. Work hard and live even harder, because at the end of the day, it is all about the feel of connectedness and being part of something bigger than just us individually; working in a Great Place To Work has been an amazing experience for everyone involved.

Our Definity Stage event is something that we want to share with you, so if you are looking to grow professionally, learn and have fun… this is the place for you! Click here to check our current positions.