Five Strategies for Improving Sales Rep Productivity

November 17, 2015 | by Sergio Zuniga

In Dynamics CRM

Your sales team is a key revenue generator for your business, and productivity means more revenue.  Here are some tips and strategies to strengthen the effectiveness of your team and bring home more bacon.

Differentiate your company by the effectiveness of your sales organization

1. Train your team effectively

Successful sales teams have the ability to assess and follow up on potentially lucrative sales leads.  These teams understand the difference between potential and dead end leads and can make critical decisions about both instantaneously. 

The better your team understands the company’s products and services, the faster and more effectively they’ll be able to close deals.  Train your team in how sniff out and identify strong leads.  This will skyrocket productivity and closed deals.

2. Provide support

Measure and enhance your sales rep productivity

No one-man-team can manage the networking, communicating, or decision-making reflected in a team working in collaboration.  Assign specific tasks to your representatives.  Appoint certain people to identify and chase down leads while others cover the paperwork.

3. Do your research

Social media provides infinite amounts of data and information on the demographic your team is targeting.  Have reps check Linkedin and Twitter for potential leads or new insights that could lead to sales.

4. Manage evenly

Providing adequate support for your team while not micromanaging can be a fine line to walk along.  Make sure your team is getting the coaching and support they need while still maintaining their own pace and sense of ownership in the process.

5. Technology

Technology can be your ally in measuring sales rep productivity

Give your team the edge and the ability to do their work effectively with adequate and top-of-the-line technology.  Allow them the opportunity to track their projected compensation and progress.

Definity First can absolutely help to leverage technology in your sales department. Ask for our Microsoft Dynamics CRM services, and about our sales commission software, Blitz. Remember that the right technology can be a major differentiator for sales and service teams in small and midsize businesses.

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