Sep 27, 2021
5 min read

Set Sustainability Goals & Take Measurable Action with Microsoft Cloud

Businesses are always on the lookout for viable solutions to build environmental sustainability into their processes and operations.

Sustainability and people's response to climatic change are perhaps the most significant challenges of our era. Fortunately, organizations are finally taking notice of the role they must play in building a better world for future generations.

One way your company can reduce carbon emissions and become more efficient is by leveraging public cloud services. From digital logistics that enhance the overall business processes and minimize carbon footprints to predictive analytics, technology can help you in ample ways, helping you produce ambitious sustainability outcomes.

The world faces an urgent need to minimize its carbon consumption. The climate experts agree that companies, nations, industries, and people need to take serious action to reduce carbon emissions. As per Accenture, 94 percent of top executives refer to sustainability as crucial or essential to the success of their businesses in the long term.

Addressing environmental equity and reducing carbon emissions require collective measures to comprehend and alleviate ecological impacts. Gauging the overall effect of a company on the environment is particularly challenging.

Organizations need to record their ecological footprint, reduce the consumption of resources, report to stakeholders, implements plans for carbon offset, and replace high footprint with low footprint resources.

However, all that is easier said than done since it means adopting effective processes that automate and optimize workflow while sticking to the regulations. This takes businesses toward data connectors that provide accurate, automated, real-time data — and eventually turn the data-driven insights into an action-oriented plan.

This is where Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability can help

Drawing on the extent and measure of the Microsoft Cloud, this new offering is specifically designed to allow organizations to take responsibility for their environmental initiatives, delivering a set of integrated, comprehensive, and automated insights for companies to expedite every stage of the sustainability journey.

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability intends to assist organizations measure, recognize and become accountable for their carbon emissions by setting sustainability targets and taking measurable action.

How Can Microsoft Cloud Help You Achieve Sustainability Goals?

With Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, you can go beyond just capturing data to allowing customers to aggregate sustainability data in a practical and actionable way.

It includes a Software as a Service offering that helps you discover and assimilate data sources in real-time. It also enables you to accelerate data reporting and integration, gauge performance against set goals, providing precise carbon accounting, and enable intelligent and valuable insights for companies to take more practical action.

Here are some examples of scenarios that determine how companies can leverage Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to accomplish their goals:

  • CIOs can better report on IT carbon releases from the applications, cloud, and devices as part of the department's environmental footprint. Then, they can connect their emissions-related data sources into a unified view for reporting purposes
  • You can offer your customers a sustainability scorecard to monitor the progress against their goals regarding carbon emission reduction
  • Customers are better able to identify specific emission extents and track if they're meeting their emission reduction objectives effectively. For instance, if HVAC systems aren't on track to meet the set emissions target, you can assign the task to operations and make the essential improvements to achieve that target

Wrapping Up

The bottom line is that Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability allows all organizations to effectively and more easily record, reduce, report, and replace their carbon emissions. In addition, it provides actionable insights to help you measure your sustainability goals and gauge the results immediately.

Microsoft Cloud solutions effectively help you with sustainability goals through cutting-edge technologies across multiple regions and industries. In addition, it helps your company to face shifting and new market conditions.

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability aims to help businesses in need of effective execution of their sustainability initiatives. As tech giants barrel forward in their efforts to minimize and alleviate its environmental impact – cloud offerings seamlessly help organizations to track their ambitions and their progress.

Use it to aggregate sustainability data, reduce vagueness and attain actionable results. Companies that adopt Microsoft Cloud solutions can also publish and exchange data more seamlessly to ensure transparency while creating breakthroughs.

Head over to Definity First to learn all about Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.