The digital-driven businesses era

November 24, 2016 | by Fernando Gutierrez

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We can’t deny that there’s a huge digital shift in our society, and it clearly is having an impact in the business world. We have become digital-driven beings, and the market has to adapt to that situation.

What’s happening now with business technology tools and the IT industry?

Businesses are challenged to change from being a company that uses digital technology to be a digital company. That’s when IT firms and professionals are the responsible of turning technology into a tool for growth, transformation and opportunity. With the combination of software, hardware and a variety of IT services we can provide solutions that help people and organizations accomplish their goals in the digital area.

With the significant growth and evolution of technology these days, the digital infrastructure will reach limitless scales and incredible potential to innovate. The IT industry now has the perfect opportunity to help digitally transform a business through the power of the cloud. It is the time to use the cloud to enhance the way companies engage to customers, empower employees, boost their operations and transform their products.

Nowadays, business decision makers are interested in ways to do a successful and determined digital transformation using technology to address strategic growth areas. Of course, IT experts like Definity First are working closer with their business partners to use technology for the creation of excellent business results.

That’s the reason many companies are seeing the need of defining a clear digital transformation journey which eventually use the right tools to extend security, intelligence and cloud platform usage. These three things will help businesses to deliver more personal computing, reinvent productivity and enhance business processes

1. Security

Definitively something that has to be on top of mind. The thing here is to overtake evolving threats and provide corrective measures that will protect the whole corporate network. There is an increasing number of Software as a Service applications people interact with, and this will ultimately increase the importance of post-breach security and advanced threat protection. Companies should be able to detect any kind of abnormalities to quickly detect, anticipate and moderate real and possible threats.

Microsoft Cloud is a great tool for the IT industry

2. Intelligence

We are at a point in the IT industry where the power of technology exceeds the power of the individual, where people can quickly generate insights that probably year ago would have taken days. In today’s business world there’s the need of intelligent systems that can deliver more of a big picture view when there’s a focus on the details.

3. The cloud platform

The cloud has become a virtually platform with limitless ability for digital transformation that can deploy secure, cross-platform application experiences and tie together the power of real-time, predictive analytics. Many companies are now changing to the cloud and using it to deliver personalized experiences in every phase of the relationship with customers. Notice how the world’s leading companies are betting their future on the cloud, don’t be the one falling behind the technology line.

Weather it is security, intelligence or the cloud platform, Definity First can help you turn your company into a digital-driven business. Contact us now to enhance your processes and personalize customer service with the latest business technology tools!!


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