The importance of customer service abilities

April 1, 2016 | by Victor Plasencia

In customer service, Salesteam

As IT or software consultants, we often think that customer service activities don’t necessarily include us. This is not true. Customer service quality is a business orientation that every single person in a company should follow to ensure client satisfaction.

Customer service is as important as your technical responsabilities

It is important for all of us to develop customer service abilities. Here’s some useful information that will help you in this process. Loyal clients are those who return to your company over and over again because they are very satisfied with the results that they received. These customers represent about 65% of the average sales volume in a company.

A good customer service model can establish customers’ trust, loyalty and preference towards the company. As a result, customers renew contracts and request more services. Customer service quality is a very subjective concept, and it varies from person to person. It can be complicated to establish a fixed and generalized customer service policy.

Custumer service is key for a company

A good customer service is characterized by kindness, integrity, empathy, reliability, willingness to help, efficiency, availability, friendship, knowledge and professionalism. I personally believe that integrity, willingness to help and professionalism are the factors we should focus on the most.

There will always be clients that give us a hard time, and we should be able to give them solutions and answers to their concerns. Maybe you’ll be facing with arrogant, impatient, hesitant, misinformed and distant clients. Believe me, every situation you encounter has a solution. Take these suggestions to heart:

  • Keep calm and breathe.
  • Listen and listen closely.
  • Always acknowledge a mistakes and apologize. Solve the problem as soon as you can.
  • Empathy is crucial. Be in your customer’s shoes.
  • Don’t take anything personal -- any comment, any action.
  • Provide alternatives and solutions to any issues that could show up during the project.
  • Value the time of your client.
  • Provide follow up. Be present in the client’s mind.
  • Meet every single commitment you make.
  • Learn to say no because there are things that are not in the realm of possibility.
  • Keep constant communication with your client.

Retaining customers is a sign of good customer service

Customer service is equally, if not more important, than the sales process. Therefore, we have to be very aware of how we communicate with our clients. Don’t let your client feel as though they can't trust your work because of bad customer service. You are an amazing consultant, let them know you will surely do a marvelous job.