4 things you didn’t know could be done with SharePoint

October 27, 2015 | by Freddy Castro

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Microsoft SharePoint is opening up new opportunities for business offices to collaborate on documents and create innovative webpages. 

How amazing is Microsoft SharePoint!

SharePoint is a collaboration portal and a one-stop-shop that allows companies to interface and work on documents either on a business’ intra or extranet.  Here are a few things that maybe you didn’t know you could do with SharePoint.

1. Websites

SharePoint is not only an excellent tool for intranets and internal content management, but also incredibly useful for managing content on extranets as well. SharePoint is known for its collaboration tools and for business’ internal use, but SharePoint’s usefulness extends to manufacturing well-designed public websites, too.  Check out how your business could manage its next webpage using SharePoint, click here.  

2. Document Collaboration

Sharepoint document collaboration allows to have better results

Good communication on proposals and reports is essential to the daily functions of businesses.  SharePoint allows businesses to collaborate in real-time and simultaneously on vision statements, plans, proposals, presentations, and much more.  Individuals can work collaboratively at the same time to create documents, or individuals can “check out” documents and put their name on specific changes.  Businesses can now co-author and submit formal documents with ease.  Gone are the days of forwarding email attachments for editing.  To look further in to how to best make use of document collaboration click here.

3. Wikis and Blogs

Blogs and Wikis are great ways for companies to publish information in a public setting quickly and easily. Clients or employees can then further share information with comments on posts and posts of their own.   This spread of knowledge allows for near instant collaboration and feedback from consumers. SharePoint’s formatting tools allow for creative and eye-catching Blog and Wiki designs, lending itself as invaluable to the growth a business’ online presence.  Review more opportunities here.

4. Drag and Drop From Desktop Applications

Now you can drag and drop files on SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint allows you to drag and drop files from one location to another.  You now can choose applications and files from your desktop or library to move to other locations.  For example, businesses can now drag and drop files from the SharePoint document library to users’ desktops.  For more information about SharePoint’s drag and drop applications capability, visit this page.

SharePoint opens up a myriad of options for businesses looking to develop materials and practices both internally and externally.  For more information on how to improve your use of SharePoint for better business flow, please click here or contact us: sales@definityfirst.com