Release! (the app)

Oh dear dad
Can you see me now?
I am myself
Like you somehowI'll ride the wave
Where it takes meI'll hold the pain
Release me

- Pearl Jam, Release

I sing this every time I m about to release an app, it's like a child that is about to meet the real world with cold heart clients, first time users, and users whom expectations may not be met.

So why after all this do we release our child to this cruel world?

Well, it s all about a state of love and trust. When do we have to release our app? If my project is too large, shall I wait to be 100% finished?
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App development: Why does my app suck?

I recently encountered the Audi Boutique app and what I saw wasnt nice. It has a user design that doesn't work anymore, it looked as if it was targeted for iOS 4.3, there’s when it hit me, how does a company like AUDI accept this? 

Areas in which we should focus in app development

Who convinced them to deploy this? Did anyone inside the company assist them? How in the world is any developer comfortable with this app? I might sound pretentious but we shall not continue this way.

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Our first SWIFT iOS app

A few days ago we submitted our first app coded entirely in Swift, the new apple language, to the App Store. But, what was different? First of all, we felt much freer about how we named our objects and variables.

The advantages of programming in Swift

Unlike the unfriendly prefixes used in Objective-C, Swift now allows name spacing which makes us far less restricted in our naming conventions. This ultimately leads to a more readable and understandable code.

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