Turn Customer Service into your secret weapon

December 29, 2015 | by Monica Ibarrola

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Everyone has one: a tech support horror story.  Ask anyone, and they can tell you of a time when they experienced the very worst of humanity via a tech support or customer service call.  It happens more often than it should.  A customer calls in with a significant problem, calls tech support, and finds a less than excellent customer service experience.

The metaphorical fourth wall of the business world

Why is it that no matter how grounded and established a company is, everything can fall apart at the most basic level?  How is it that the face of the company, the only part of a company that a customer may come into contact with, is often times the least attractive part of a company?

Does your customer service department (or anyone interacting with customers) contribute to the overall positive face of your company?  Do customers leave with a good taste in their mouth? 

We all know it, one fatal interaction can influence how a person views the entire organization.  A person can and will attribute any negative feelings toward the company as a whole.

customer service is key to your company success

So where do companies go from there?  How does the customer service department grow to better represent a positive force for the company as a whole?  Here’s a brief list of things to consider and keep in mind about customer interactions.

  • A good customer support system will empower customers and allow them to get back on with whatever they were doing. If a customer can sign on to a website and see updates to their profiles without any external support, then you’re in business.
  • Anticipate customer needs. In a constant and ever changing field like technology, customer support must always be ready to meet a new set of demands.
  • Customers must be able to rely on your product, why not on your support systems, as well?
  • Offer options for services and reach out to your customers on multiple different platforms such as social media and online applications.

And, how can your company or customer service department can accomplish that? One easy and effective way to do it is through a cloud-based contact center. Offer your service reps a complete integrated desktop solution that enables them to better manage every customer interaction for a faster resolution. Sell more, service better with seamless telephony integration, contact us now marketing@definityfirst.com