UX: All or Nothing

January 19, 2016 | by Raul Cantú

In App development, Business Intelligence, developers, Internet of Things, UX

I like to define User Experience (UX) as the way a person feels about interacting with something. This means that every aspect of a product or system affects the user experience. Your users need to enjoy each and every interaction. Remember that it only takes 20 seconds for a person to decide to stay or not.

The importance of a good User Experience

What’s the point of UX? The point is to create a productive site which will make users feel happy and satisfied. A happy user will tell others about how awesome your site or your app is, and word-of-mouth is always the most effective way to advertise. A satisfied user will develop certain loyalty, will rarely ask for tech support, and will come up with ideas to enhance the site or app. Therefore, a productive UX will make users want to stand up for your product and will feel close to your company.

Another important aspect of UX is to avoid friction.  When we talk about avoiding friction in UX we mean reducing the number of steps that the user must take to achieve what they are looking to do. While designing and developing an app or website, we have to make sure that the steps the user is taking will not become obstacles or hurdles for them to overcome.

Good UX leads to loyal customers

For example, we have these websites which offer similar things but have different performance. Which one will actually show you the weather forecast right away? Does it show your exact location? Are there any other things that could distract a user?



As I said at the beginning, UX is about interaction, and interaction is a big part of psychology. Therefore, strange as it may seem, psychology is another important point in User Experience. But, why? User attention is limited, time is valuable, and users need all the information available and instantly in their hands.  Other companies provide this, and users have come to expect it.

One appliance of psychology in UX is natural mapping, or the natural relationship between controls or movements and the outcome of an action. We have to provide users with properly organized controls for them to immediately understand how the system or app will work. Your users will ask questions like: Where do I log in? Where do I log out? Where’s the contact form? Your app or website must be able to give the answers right away in order to create a positive UX.

Keeping an eye on whether your app is intuitive or not is essential to success. Your app or website will have amazing UX reviews once each click of the mouse is intuitive and does not require second guessing.  Don’t hesitate to ask for help or guidance. Always remember that if you have an app or website in development, Definity First is there to help you and improve your User Experience. Remember what Shawn Borsky, a well-known digital designer, use to say: "At the end of the day is how the user remembers the experience. Focus on key experiences".