We love boomerang employees, and they love us too

October 13, 2015 | by Brenda Valadez

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Sometimes we can’t stop employees from leaving though we really fight as hard as we can to keep them from doing it.  If they do leave, we always keep that door open for them to return.  And, guess what? They do return.

The special meaning behind returning employees

Boomerang Employees in Definity First

There could be many reasons of why employees leave a company and then return:

  • Perhaps they thought the grass would be greener elsewhere, but found themselves disappointed
  • Maybe their new employer didn’t do the same things to make employees happy
  • Maybe the environment isn’t as cool as the past company
  • It’s possible that the people and culture aren’t as fun, loving and genuine
  • Maybe the leaders aren't as enlightened as the ones in the office where the employee used to work
  • Or it may be possible that the employee just misses their previous job a lot

Plenty of companies think returning employees are not a good idea, but sometimes circling back can be a win for everyone. The benefits for the company are huge in that former employees have full familiarity with the organization’s culture.  The benefit for the employee is the chance to return with better growth opportunities.

Definity First now has around 21 boomerang employees that are doing a terrific job! And the number could grow even more. To showcase this phenomena, I interviewed some of them, and they had some awesome things to say.

Edith Colegio, SharePoint Consultant

Edith Colegio, SharePoint Consultant

After 4 years away, Edith returned to Definity First. Back in 2011, Edith Colegio decided to quit Definity First because she wanted to focus on working towards her Masters degree while slowing down her workload, but she realized it was not a good idea. “I suddenly felt I was in a comfort zone [when] I decided to get out of it and return to Definity First.  I wanted to start working with different clients, projects and coworkers; only Definity First allowed me to do that”. She mentioned that our work culture is clearly unique and that makes us an awesome place to work.

Guillermo Carranco, Software Consultant

Guillermo Carranco, Software Consultant

Guillermo’s first job was with us, and he decided to leave after a while to look for more experience. He was working in a place where he had to move between companies and work environments, and that became quite exhausting for Guillermo. The flexible dress code and work hours, the support for professional growth, the Microsoft Certifications and the work environment made Guillermo return to Definity First. “Here they care about our professional growth, about having a work environment that leads to a better performance, and about having really challenging and exciting projects”, Guillermo stated.

 Elisa Lopez, Recruitment Coordinator

Elisa Lopez, Recruitment Coordinator

Elisa returned just few weeks ago. Elisa came back to Definity First because of the growth opportunities here and the interesting challenges that will make her a better professional. She says that Definity First always gives a lot of value and recognition to each and every member. “This company cares about the effective integration of all work teams, and it also looks for high-quality projects, and really cares about individual development,” she said.

We have a really open work environment, and we accept former employees, new employees and talented interns too!! Don’t forget to send us your resume jobs@definityfirst.com. My team will get back to you soon. Come join this amazing group of talented people!