Nov 18, 2020
5 min read

Why is Web Design Important for your Business?

Your website is your business's first impression on a prospective customer in a typical online conversion funnel. In fact, your website's design counts for 94% of your first impressions.

From the color theme utilized to the fonts used, all the way to your CTA placement – web design encompasses a wide array of design elements. What’s more – it is crucial to your lead-generation rates, CTA click-through rates, and your SERP ranking.

This post will look at why your web design is an important consideration and the best tools to enhance it further.

4 Reasons why Web Design is Important?

Your business needs to pull its customers online, and your website is your calling card. With e-commerce on the rise, your web design should make it easier for your consumers to convert.

It Affects your Search Engine Rank

Google appreciates websites that present high-value to readers, and it defines the term 'high-quality' through several factors.

These factors decide how high your website will rank on the Search Engine Results Page, which will determine how your prospective customers find you.

These factors include:

  • How easily can consumers find the answer to their query?
  • How easy is it to navigate within site?
  • How easy is it to scroll through the website?
  • How long are the customers staying on the website?
It Sets Consumer Expectations

Just like your physical store requires upkeep, so does your website. Your web design sets consumer expectations of what they may find on your website.

Naturally, a well-designed website will put the visitor at ease and allow them to scroll through. On the flip side, a slow, ill-designed website will scare them away. According to a report, 38% of people would leave a website if its design and content are not attractive.

Once a visitor decides to spend some time on your website, you have a much greater chance of converting them into a lead.

It Builds Trust

Your design has a profound impact on your customer's subconscious. While trust remains a subjective term, it is very conducive to conversion as buyers feel comfortable buying from people they trust.

Research into the field reveals that the web design exerts considerable influence on the level of trust placed by the visitors. Almost half of all respondents (46%) reported that they assessed website credibility based on the overall design, including typography, layout, and color.

Prioritizing a high-quality design will encourage visitors to trust your website, benefitting your conversion.

Top 3 Web Design Tools To Help You Create Your Business' Website

We've curated a list of our top picks for free web design tools that can help you optimize your design:

1.     Hubspot CMS

This is undoubtedly our pick for the best web design tool for numerous reasons:

  • Prioritizes SEO
  • Link to Hubspot Marketplace that offers several pre-designed templates
  • CMS analytics tool will tell you where to improve your website
2.     Adobe XD

A popular name in the digital and web design industry, Adobe XD was launched in 2015 and is a great tool for web design for three reasons:

  • It is user friendly
  • There is a repeat grid feature that allows you to use grids to create websites and reuse your constructed formats
  • It helps to generate spacing variations in UI elements
3.     Sketch

The only downside is that it is exclusive to Mac. Other than that, it is known as one of the best tools to design a website because it has:

  • A sleek and efficient interface
  • A vector tool that helps in collaborative projects


As one of your website's most important aspects, your web design should form a core consideration when creating a new website or optimizing an old one.

With such a profound impact on conversion and consumer trust, website owners should invest in a responsive, user-centric web design that allows for seamless buyer journeys.

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