Let me tell you about what doing home-office is all about

March 21, 2017 | by Alfredo Marquez

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I want to start talking about the great experience of doing home-office, but at the same time it is such a great responsibility to describe! It is not just that I want to talk about what it’s like to be employed by a Great Place to Work® in Mexico, but I also want to talk about the confidence that working for them can give to you to work remotely... from your home!!

Things to consider while doing home-office

The responsibility on the part of the worker is to make your work quality seem just as if you were actually there in the office.  I think that this is the key to everything.  In my experience, the first thing that I did was to have a specific place to work. My desktop and my workplace were as If I was at Definity First. I glued a name plate to the wall, put up model ships from Star Wars as decorations, and told my family that my office space was now Definity First and that I would need to have an environment where I was as focused as possible.  I created the separation of work and home life.

It is important to find the right spot to do home-office

Another important aspect for me is that I always dress as if I was at the office (i.e., it is forbidden to be in pajamas and slippers). But why is this important? For me, it is important to feel like I am in the office, and if anyone called, I need to have the confidence and ability to meet via webcam at a moment’s notice.  It is also important that my team, customers, and managers know that I am committed. The biggest part of this (outside of the environment), however, is the character and image that want you to put forward. It is challenging to be part of the team and to not feel like an isolated entity that is miles away.  

Today, current tools help us a lot like WhatsApp, Skype, email, Yammer, and much more. In addition, Definity First makes you feel as close as possible by planning activities that allow you to be in Monterrey and spend time with the team. I think that home-office is the working mode of the future. The ability to avoid parking problems, traffic, saturation of office space, network traffic, administrative costs, etc. is unequivocal.

Definity First's home-office program rocks, but it depends on the personality of the individual employee. Remember that the important thing, whenever you work, is to feel part of the team, and always work with responsibility and love.  Sometimes you can be at an office and not feel part of the team. This is not the case here at Definity First.