Mar 24, 2022
6 min read

What to Look for in a DevOps Service Provider?

DevOps brings together different practices, people, technology, tools, and philosophies to increase a business’s ability to deliver applications at high velocity. As a result, products evolve and improve faster than traditional software development processes. This speed allows businesses to serve their customers, achieve business goals, and create a competitive edge through increased efficiency.

Organizations are increasingly adopting DevOps for its ability to increase competence, productivity, collaboration, software quality, infrastructure management, testing, deployment, support, monitoring, and more. Efficiently combining operations with software development takes your business to the next level. It helps with the rapid adaptation of iterative change, automating development and deployment abilities.

Moreover, it influences the application lifecycle through planning, delivering, operating, and deploying phases.

But, when it comes to embracing DevOps philosophy into your business operations and processes, it’s about taking advantage. Hence, it’s crucial to select the right DevOps service providers and tools. The tools offered by them are focus-driven on automating the entire system.

So, when planning to switch to more efficient tools and models, it’s significant to consider the following points before selecting DevOps service providers.

How to Choose the Right DevOps Service

With the rapid growth of technologies and software, development teams are constantly under pressure to meet consumers’ increasing and ever-changing expectations. Consumers typically look for enhanced performance, functionality, and competencies.

After the advent of cloud-based applications, the paradigm has shifted more towards continuous improvement rather than the conventional purpose of meeting single customer demand. Henceforth, numerous companies have embraced this new approach through different methodologies in order to deliver boost product features.

As companies like Amazon and Google rapidly innovate, even the traditional service providers recognize the need for change to keep up with the shifting consumer expectations.

So, in today’s ever-changing landscape, when it comes to choosing a DevOps service provider, here are some of the things that must be present in your chosen DevOps company.

Let’s embark on the quest of finding a DevOps service provider:

Empathy is Key

When you first meet with potential service providers, make sure that they actively listen to your needs and offer proper automation solutions. They must be able to grasp the problem statement. Remember, good DevOps will always ask for feedback.

The keyword here is empathy, and they must be competent enough to identify problem areas that need to be addressed. Not to forget, besides their technical skills and experience, DevOps should implement an empathetic approach towards the job.

Open-Mindedness Makes the Difference

DevOps are sometimes called ‘Agile Delivery’ due to their resemblance. But it’s a far cry from reality. According to many experts, implementation of the Waterfall method is the best way to take full advantage of DevOps methodology, but, at the same time, there should be quick wins.

DevOps must be open to reducing the deploy time with innovative solutions and optimizing business processes within the available resources.

Experience Matters

It might seem a bit obvious, but many DevOps service providers don’t have the experience needed to deliver high-functioning deployment solutions. It’d be best to choose a DevOps with at least five years of experience in automation tools, providing proficiency and continuous integration.

Having experience with automation is essential for efficient deployment, database management, system design, and software architecture.

Up-To-Date With Latest Technologies is a Must

Indeed, DevOps tend to work on multiple projects simultaneously, for a more extended period of time, as a result, they get stuck in the swamp of everyday deliverables.

Deliveries become the first priority; instead, they should be focusing on becoming acquainted with new technologies in order to create a competitive edge and stay ahead of the game. It’s essential to apprehend that despite spending years on one project, they still need to shift gears towards the latest technologies and tools.

Professionalism is What we Need

This might appear like a no-brainer, but keeping up with professional integrity is an utmost priority.

Think about it, when you bring someone into your team, they should be a role model for other team members. Hence, they should invest time, trust, and efforts in bringing the automation change the business desires.

The DevOps must convey a message of trust and authority while meeting high expectations.

Choose a Reliable DevOps Service Provider

Don’t trust seemingly tech-savvy companies that love throwing jargon at you in the first meeting.

Instead, take the time to fine-tune your selection process and focus on one problem at a time. This will not only optimize ineffective business processes but also lead to continuous improvements in product features. Instead, the mark of a good DevOps consulting firm is to tone down the jargon and explain everything in simple language.

And this is what Definity First specializes in, automating business processes and philosophies become a piece of cake.

DevOps is continuously evolving, and so is Definity First. Digitalize, streamline and automate with cloud-based business applications – after all, every business needs wings to fly. Give us a call today.