Oct 19, 2022
5 min read

Why you need the right Software Support Services Partner

Since it first came out, the Microsoft platform has been an important part of how businesses work. Microsoft gives businesses the tools they need to do well, from Microsoft Office programs to the latest Power Platform features.

 To meet your support needs with Microsoft software, you will need help from experts. Since Microsoft changed its pricing strategy for support services, many companies are looking for alternatives to Microsoft’s own support programs.

 There are many situations in which it makes sense for an organization to switch from MS Unified Support to a third-party provider.

Why consider a Software Support Services Partner?

 These are the top reasons to consider when making the switch:

  •  Expertise

You want to work with experts who have years of experience. Your support team should have experience working and supporting Microsoft products.

 Experienced with all kinds of customers and support situations. Don't be afraid to ask your support team what kind of experience they have and what kinds of problems they've helped customers with in the past.

  •  Support Cost Considerations

Some people think that working with a tech company will cost more money, but it's actually a great way to cut costs. Hiring a technology partner is cheaper than hiring a team of people to augment your in-house team. With a support partner, you only pay for what you need and better spend your money on new projects or other needs.

  • Response Time

One of the most important things to look at when hiring a support partner for Microsoft products is how quickly they can respond and resolve your issue. if your business is down every minute of downtime costs you money.

The longer you must wait to hear back from your customer service team, the more money your company loses. Ask your top support options how long it takes them to respond on average and if they can guarantee a response time. 

Their response time should be less than an hour for critical incidents.. If they won't tell you how long their average response time is or if it's more than one business day, look for another company.

  •  Flexible Contracts

Whether you need additional support hours or reduce your hours, specially if you are expecting a growth spurt, deploying a new product or removing a product, consider contracts with embedded flexibility to review and change according to your needs.

  •  Dedicated and Flexible Support Staff

Some companies offer a less than stellar support service, where you have to explain the problem to multiple people, someone new who doesn’t know anything about your problem, your business or how to help you.

 Look for a company that will give you a Technical Account Manager or a single point of contact, they will know your business and be able to make sure you get a consistent service, this person will also coordinate other experts depending on the issue and product without you have to explain yourself over and over again.

One of the best investments your business can make is in making sure its technology is safe, works well, and helps it do its job. Microsoft programs can help you run your business more efficiently and stay ahead of the competition. To get the most out of these programs, you need the right team of people to help you. Find a Microsoft partner that will give you expert advice and dedicated support at a price that works for you.

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